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New Zealand Death Clocks


suggested by a reader

On 8th February 2010, blog Moderators discovered that this page had been hacked and the figures distorted so as to discredit the content. The correct information has since been reinstated in two formats, and the page would be regularly checked and updated in the future.

[Moderator D.H.]

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For Whom the New Zealand Death Clocks Tick?

The following are two statistical ‘clocks’ that are manually adjusted and wound up about once every month, using all available data including historical information,  incidents reported by the [advertising] media and the information that are suppressed by NZ government/ Zionist media, some of which leak out.

Road deaths in New Zealand from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 (FULL Year)

1. Minimum number of people Killed on New Zealand Death Roads in 2009 NZDR Clock: 1,049 dead

1a. Estimated total number of dead and seriously injured in 2009: At least 3,000

1b. Minimum number of people Killed or seriously injured on NZ Death Roads in January 2010 NZDR Clock: 116 victims


1. The figure is for the first 16 days of 2010.
2. The actual death toll and serious injuries figures may be higher than the above statistical average due to the sharp rise in the fatalities during the New Year holiday season.]

2. Minimum number of uninformed foreigners murdered or killed in New Zealand

Number of foreigners who were murdered, or killed in New Zealand between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2009 (TEN Years)

2a. Proudly Killed in NZ—KiNZ 10-Year Death Clock: 1,762 foreigners

2b. Killed in New Zealand in 2009:  at least 183 foreigners

Number of foreigners who were murdered, or killed in New Zealand between January 1, 2010 and July 31, 2010

2c. Proudly Killed in NZ in the first 7 months 2010: at least 119 killed and many more seriously injured.

No. of foreigners missing in New Zealand: At least 450

NOTE: The above figure does NOT include the number of foreigners killed by, or as a result of negligence of, New Zealanders in other countries. See:  kiwi piloted helicopter in NY air crash and all the links on that page.

Other Stats…

4. Total number of people killed in Air New Zealand crashes or other aviation incidents in New Zealand:

Many hundreds of people! New Zealand Govt has not published any definitive statistic on the number of people killed in aviation incidents. However, on an official  website they say:

“A 2004 study of accidents between 1990 and 2002 found that New Zealand had five times the rate of small aircraft crashes than the US, and four times that of the UK.”


[The official stats are invariably doctored. The Moderator believes the stats should by multiplied by a factor of 2 to approach the real figures.]

For additional information see also: Come Fly Air New Zealand: The Flying Coffins


5. New Zealand Police Has A Chase-To-Kill Policy. Total number of people killed or injured as a result of the police killer units pursuits: An estimated 15,000 people since January 1, 2000.

[Note: In 2008 there were more than 3,000 police chases (only 2,146 reported). About 50 percent of all police pursuits resulted  in “a crash of some form,” either to an “offender’s” vehicle or to a police vehicle [the actual figure is much closer to 100 percent, unless the victims smell death and stop their cars/bikes.]  Police have a Chase-To-Kill policy. Even if police drivers are ordered to abandon certain pursuits, which could top speeds of 200kmph, the b*stards are told to ignore those orders. ]

For the govt.’s doctored data see http://www.police.govt.nz/resources/2005/pursuits/

16 Responses to “New Zealand Death Clocks”

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  4. NZer said

    Dont let the facts get in way of a good story!

    According to NZTA website the current road toll for 2009 is 398.


    • te2ataria said

      What’s the point of investigating the true figures for yourself then? Isn’t it the case that ignorance of the reality is blissfully reassuring and soothing.

  5. Alan P said

    Hi, first I want to say great blog. I don’t always agree with your blogposts but it’s always a nice read. Keep up the great posting.

  6. SteveB said

    I am reading this for a laugh and it is a laugh if you want to make up figures at least make them believable at least get them closer to a believable number, according to this website all Gov. info is doctored, you must be pretty busy “gathering” all the correct information.

    • te2ataria said

      The average kiwi know exactly what we’re saying here. Hate to think where you stick your head at night (and Day), If your ignorance is due to naivety, wake up bro and let everyone know you are awake.

  7. Tom said

    [Read the post carefully, have a Coke and cry hard and *&^5^%$ … Moderator D.H.]

  8. kevin said

    kiwis are a pack of mad bastards…mind you,the government leaders are a pack of takers without a brain. Sheep,I think they call them! Poor buggers!

  9. te2ataria said

    Police murders another “severely intoxicated” driver

  10. Chris said


  11. lunatic reader said


  12. NBC said

    [That depends on which part of your anatomy you use to make such decisions. Moderator]

  13. Pie said

    It’s simply appalling.

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