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10 Worst Places

World’s 10 Worst Holiday Destinations to Avoid

The following list is based on the frequency of foreign visitors being

  • Murdered
  • Killed in one of NZ notorious tourist deathtraps
  • Killed in road “accidents”
  • Raped
  • Seriously assaulted
  • Mugged
  • Arrested on bogus charges
  • Robbed
  • Verbally assaulted
  • Intimidated for being a foreigner
  • Food poisoned
  • Ripped off

The list also takes into account the following factors:

  • Exposure to deadly chemicals
  • Exposure to viral infections
  • Unsanitary food, accommodation
  • Exposure to sewage contaminated beaches and waterways
  • Little or NO access to even rudimentary medical facilities in the case of record numbers of deadly road crashes, and inordinate number of deaths and near-fatal injuries caused by using defective equipment for climbing, tramping, paragliding, bungy jumping, skiing, canoeing, diving and all other mountain, snow, water sports and outdoor activities
  • Deadly roads
  • Defective, old, poorly maintained rental cars, quad-bikes, jet skis, and all other sports equipment
  • Inadequate or NO supervision in venues where extreme sports are touted
  • Little or NO warning posted in dangerous  places and unsafe areas that pose a life threat, or serious injuries, to the visitors, but are invariably advertised as “popular hot spots” to lure unsuspecting foreign visitors

Also included: Complaints from foreign tourists visiting New Zealand who have been physically and verbally assaulted, bullied, intimidated, threatened with physical violence, racially abused, looked down upon and discriminated against because of their race, nationality, skin “color,” speaking a foreign language, or even speaking English with the “wrong” accent.

The List of 10 Places NOT to Visit

1. New Zealand

2. New Zealand

3. New Zealand

4. New Zealand

5. New Zealand

6. New Zealand

7. New Zealand

8. Gaza Strip, Iraq and Afghanistan (Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Pakistan, curtsey of U.S. black ops.)

9. Mexico; Brazil (Sao Paulo); South Korea (especially Seoul and Busan); Kyoto, Japan (European, American, Chinese and Indonesians NOT welcome); Wakayama, Japan (see Kyoto, also dolphin lovers will be jailed and prosecuted, and NOT necessarily in that order.)

10. Malta;  Norway (colored people NOT welcome); Finland (see Norway); Tunisia; China [especially on a NZ Passport]; UK (Brighton, London, Liverpool & Manchester); Ireland; Denmark (especially if you have a suntan); Israel; NYC; Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Related Links:

Did you know that between January 1, 2000 and May 1, 2009 at least 1,529 foreigners were killed in New Zealand? [The 450 permanently missing American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese … nationals are not included] That is as many as 36 percent of all US troops killed in Iraq during a comparable period. [Between March 2003 and April 30, 2009 at least 4,282 US military personnel were killed in Iraq—officially acknowledged.]

As much as 81 percent [or more] of the tourist rapes in New Zealand either go unreported, or the victims are intimidated by the police to drop complaints.

Avoid having your sweethearts raped and robbed! Don’t take them to New Zealand!

If you thought it would be safe for you to visit New Zealand because you are not a female, think again!

Are Japanese students smarter than other foreign students planning on going to New Zealand? decide for yourself.

The average road deaths for 2009 is reaching 3 dead (and many seriously injured) per day. You are up to 12 times more likely to be killed on New Zealand’s deadly roads than in  safer countries.

Read the contents of all links on the above page before you even think about traveling to New Zealand. (And don’t forget the seasonal flu outbreaks in the Southern Hemisphere starts about the beginning of May, each year).

Watch out for the New Zea-lander with the spade. Mr Jae Hyeon Kim’s head was chopped off with a spade in late 2003. He was buried for five years before the police was forced to search for his body after they received an anonymous tip.

Climatological and Geological Warning! The New Zealand area is about to experience significant climatological events and large-scale geological and tectonic activity. Would be visitors are advised to stay out of the area for the foreseeable future.

In New Zealand at least one serious crime for every 6 people aged between 15 to 60 was committed in 2008.

Much of New Zealand food is “contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and viruses as a result of over-crowded factory farming conditions and unhygienic processing plants.”Green Party of New Zealand Report

Welcome to Raw New Zealand where anything can happen!

In New Zealand a host of surprises always awaits you:

  1. Diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever, nausea, vomiting and headache
  2. MRSA Infections
  3. Raw Sewage Contamination
  4. Salmonella
  5. E.coli detected in milk, listeria in yogurt
  6. Outbreaks of Norovirus
  7. New Zealand Bird Flu
  8. High Risks of Harmful Bacterial Contamination on NZ Beaches
  9. Elevated Risk of Human Leptospirosis Infection
  10. Outbreak of Dangerous Group A Streptococcus Bacterium
  11. Outbreak of Staphylococcus Aureus
  12. Outbreaks of  mystery bacterium
  13. Outbreak of Viral Gastroenteritis
  14. Outbreak of Salmonella Mbandaka
  15. Don’t Take Your Children To New Zealand
  16. Toxic Honey Poisoning
  17. Food infected with Listeria
  18. Sewage contaminated beaches
  19. Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria)
  20. Exposure to Compound 1080
  21. Exposure to Bromoethane
  22. Hep C Victims Still NO Compensation
  23. Exposure to Excessive UV Radiation

See also:  World’s Worst Cities for individual ratings

Did YOU know?

More foreigners are violently murdered or killed in New Zealand than in any other country in the world with the exception of Iraq.

  • Between Jan 1, 2000 and October 6, 2009 at least 1,617 foreigners were killed in New Zealand.

  • [The 450+ foreigners who are missing in New Zealand without a trace, are not included!]

  • No. of U.S. Soldiers killed in occupied Iraq up to October 6, 2009 : 4,349 personnel.

  • Twice More Likely to Get Killed in NZ in 2009-10

New Zealand Deadlier for Foreigners than Afghanistan

No. of Foreigners Killed in New Zealand from January 1, 2000 to October 6, 2009: At least 1,617
Coalition Military Fatalities between 2001 and October 6, 2009 : 1,452

180 Responses to “10 Worst Places”

  1. john brown said

    [Racial profiling. Edited by Moderator.]

  2. Mr Chips said

    Do you have a statistically verifiable source on this? A study, or at the very least an independently issued report?

    • te2ataria said

      Check the contents of this blog. All items of information provided here are verifiable. About 95 percent of the entries are linked to the police or other government websites, or the news media.

  3. Mr Chips said

    I’ve read through most of the contents of this blog, and most of it doesn’t cite it’s sources, or use unverifiable ones (ie, they don’t cite anything either).

    It seems like a fair bit of non-objective rewriting goes on as well, so I’d just like to see where you get these statistics from, or if they’re just opinion rather than published fact.

  4. Mr Chips said

    Oh, just to add to that – I know you’ve linked a lot of news stories, but I was to see the statistical evidence that NZ has a higher per-capita incidence of rape/assault/murder/other stuff you’ve listed up there of foreigners than any other country….

    Its all well and good to link the stories themselves, but without objective comparison I’m not prepared to just take your work for it…

  5. Garry said

    This is a very interesting website and divulges many personal character insights of the author. I use this site for my students in the study of psychological profiling. Psyc students are asked to profile the author and report the emotional mental state with very interesting results. Keep up the good work.


    Dr G

  6. Angus said

    [Message Edited. TEAA]

  7. kimjung said

    My name is Kim and I am from south korea. I moved to NZ witj my wife and two kids on June 2005 under skilled match program and we were permanent residence of NZ. I had a good job in Hamilton city, my son was going to school and my daughter was going to kindy.On August 2008 my son kidnapped and kidnapper contacted me and asked for 1 million NZ$. I sold everything that I had and borrowed money from my family in Korea and paid to kidnappers. I could get back my kid two weeks later. Kidnappers left him in westfield shopping centre in Chartwell, Hamilton. We left NZ 2 days after that and again we are living in Korea. Later I found out kidnappers have very good connection with police in Hamilton, I actually met one of that guy to pay the money and he is an officer in Hamilton central police. Very sad story but I am happy to have my son alive.
    This was my experience with NZ and never ever go to that country again.
    Thanks for reading this, I could not tell this to anybody when we were in NZ, now we live in Korea and two years has passed and I feel safe now.It was too dangerous to tell this story in NZ…
    New Zealand is a beautiful country but unfortunately not a good country to live.

    • te2ataria said

      Mr Kim – I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of your story because it is consistent with the overall picture of what is happening in New Zealand, and will therefore publish it.

      Have you told your story to the Korean govt., police, the media or anyone else who could corroborate it?

      Could you provide any more information concerning the names and details of any of the perpetrators who kidnapped your son?

      Please keep in touch.
      Cheers – TEAA

  8. kiwiinuk said

    [Garbage! Edited by Moderator.]

  9. overseas said

    Great site…..keep up the good work….truth needs to be told…about discrimination in NZ society which according to me is a sick society…

  10. pete kiley said

    re UNITED NATIONS.re previous New Zealand PM Helen clark.
    “If it’s not at government level, then at the consumer level you run into resistance. Protecting the brand image of your country as clean and green is critical; critical for tourism, critical for our food exports, for industry, for exports.

    this statement by helen clark see url: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/2731946/Nats-acted-with-sheer-vindictiveness-Clark
    Exactly what we wanted for your book, how more blatant can it be.

    Helen Clark speaks with fork tongue..She was aware of this issue from the outset,and did nothing to help us.She watched my young daughters grow up in turmoil, poverty,health issues and abuse due to this issue.I sent her many emails calling her a tyrant, still no response from her.
    Ive since emailed the UN stating my disgust to them on employing her.
    No reply from the UN.
    The UN now being ‘a party’ to this 14 years ‘cover up’.

    I will seek to set the highest ethical standard. The good name of the United Nations is one of its most valuable assets – but also one of its most vulnerable. The Charter calls on staff to uphold the highest levels of efficiency, competence and integrity, and I will seek to ensure to build a solid reputation for living up to that standard.

    Address to the General Assembly on taking the oath of office (14 Dec. 2006)
    We must hold all UN employees to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour. On this, I have sought to set an early example, by submitting financial disclosure statement to the UN Ethics Office, for standard external review by Pricewaterhouse Coopers… But all the financial disclosures in the world will mean very little if we do not bolster our ethical standards – and our implementation of them – both at Headquarters and in the field.

    Address to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. (16 Jan. 2007).

    THE BOOK youtube ST CLAIR VINEYARD chemical spray drift poisoning videos,ACC claim won NEWSPAPER ARTICLE

    part 1

    part 2

    part 3

    night spraying and skin rashes

    New Zealand TV. The FAIR GO Show


    My contact details are pete kiley 17 nursery lane seddon marlborough new zealand phone 03-5757778 mobile 0273188026 For more information google/yahoo search pete kiley OR seddon motor camp

    A brain-damaged Marlborough man has won his battle for compensation for harm caused by wine industry herbicides. Seddon motorcamp owner Pete Kiley has lived next to vineyards since buying the camping ground near Blenheim in 1993.
    Kiley, 60, filed a claim with the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) in 2005 over brain damage he believed was caused by chemicals blowing over the fence from vineyards.The ACC has approved his claim after a neuropsychologist confirmed Kiley had dementia caused by exposure to agricultural chemicals.Kiley’s claim is one of a few involving long-term herbicide exposure approved because of the difficulty in proving damage was from herbicides.Kiley was thrilled about the ACC decision, which vindicated his claims of poisoning.”I feel like I’ve been fighting for so long and nobody believed me,” he said. “The sad thing is that I wish I was believed years ago and I wouldn’t have gotten so sick or lost my marriage and possibly my home over it.”Kiley said his marriage broke up several years ago as a result of his sickness, as well as his determination to have his poisoning claim acknowledged.One of his two teenage daughters also had health problems, which he attributed to exposure to chemicals.Kiley said he closed his business several years ago because of poor health, and visitors were complaining about smelling chemicals at the holiday retreat.An ACC spokesman confirmed Kiley’s claim had been accepted, and the corporation was now working through compensation details.The ACC letter sent to Kiley approving his claim said it could “contribute towards the cost of your medical treatment and other entitlements you may need”.Wellington lawyer and ACC expert John Miller said that as well as payment of medical expenses, Kiley could be eligible for up to $100,000 in compensation for the loss of some of his functions.ACC-approved doctor Toni Marks, who assessed Kiley’s health for the government body, said in his report that it was likely Kiley suffered neurotoxic brain damage from “agricultural chemicals present in vineyard sprays”.Kiley blamed the chemicals Paraquat and glyphosate-trimesium for his illness.Marks’ report said that within months of Kiley buying the camping ground, vineyards were planted around it and his family’s health was affected.Since then, Kiley’s medical problems included a change in his gait, where he missed steps, nausea, headaches, persistent tiredness and conjunctivitis, the report said.A neuropsychological assessment by another physician found Kiley had “impaired intellectual functioning”, said the report.An ACC spokesman said it dealt with about 10 to 15 claims of agricultural poisoning a year, of which about two were related to the wine industry.New Zealand Winegrowers sustainable wine growing co-ordinator, Sally van der Zijpp, said the industry was rapidly moving towards the use of less toxic herbicides.She said winegrowers signed up to the sustainable growing scheme – about 70 per cent of the total – were banned from using Paraquat because it was extremely toxic to humans.
    Roundup was still used by most winegrowers.

  11. Expert said

    It’s very difficult to beleive that New Zealand is worst that the third world countries. Though author has cited that he has based his conclusion on the basis of some reports from other countries, but he should also give us the link of the studies so that there should not be any doubt or confusion.

  12. Huia Siataga said

    I am a New Zealand-indigenous woman. Seven months ago-I moved to Australia. After a couple of months, I rang my daughter-Darla and she informed me that-things were happening full on-in regards to murders taking place over there. It is very sad, that I am hearing this type of news- on the other hand, this does not come as a surprise to me. Before I came to live in Australia-Perth-I was troubled by the amount of murders that were on the increase then. What a shame it is-what is happening to people? Something is terribly wrong. I believe there is a cloud hanging over my country-a very dark one-our children are killing themselves…Gods children we need to pray-and trust that God will move in the hearts of all people living in New Zealand. The answer is in our hands! Pray!

    • te2ataria said

      Tēnā koe

      Dear Huia — thank you for sharing your thoughts. The problem in our sacred land, as you well know and need no introduction to, is the pakeha plague; its their rape and murder culture, their thieving genes, laughable war machine, sad “justice” system, the police farce, their foreign govt, their hamburger joints and “soft” drinks, drug habits… but above all their defective minds that make them believe they are masters of the land!

      So let’s put them all on their ferries and boats, and send them sailing to their home countries. Aotearoa would be sacred again without them.

      See also: https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/pissant-pakeha/

      Kia ora!

      • TheGerman said

        I think this site is interessting and has some truth to it. After living in Aoteaora for 3 years I unfortunatly had to move back to germany. I love the Land and the People and if I can, I’ll come back.I am back in Germany now for a few month and i did not hear about half the amount of Hardcore crimes than i heared in the Kiwi news in this time, and germany has about 20 times mor people than Ateaora on a slightly biger Landmass.

        But I would say if you delete racist posts, you should also delet or rewrite this one.
        What you are saying is in other words: “Fu*king foreners leave the country”
        Wich is a kind of Racism because you belong to a race and you think and say this other race or what ever you want to call it is not as good, great or peacey as yours.

        I think you should keep up this work and wish you all the the best. but think about what you write about racism.
        I understand ur position as far as i can with out ever been occupied or humillitate by an other race or other colored people.
        The german.

        • te2ataria said

          Thank you for visiting the blog, and I appreciate your candid comments.
          You are of course right about the difference between Germany and New Zealand when it comes down to serious crimes.

          Whereas Germany is home to University of Heidelberg, the pissant pakeha have Otago “university.”

          This blog is not racist because it doesn’t target, say, Germans, Brits, Dutch or even the Irish.

          The blog is against the murderous, rapists, rustlers and land thieves who happen to come from Europe. If pakeha were Martians, the narrative would be almost exactly the same.

          Best wishes,

  13. siddhartha said

    i was planning to come to new zealand for education ………but after reading about the growth of crime rates out there i dropped my plan ……..can u give me a good reason ,so that i change my mind ……..and can u justify the murder of navjit singh

  14. AussO said

    o o

    im a big wheel

  15. James Robertson said

    So many un-truths it’s laughable!!!

  16. Daniel Johnston said

    [Profanity removed. Readers more intelligent than you, and that includes a very large number of people, express their views politely because what they say matters to them, and they expect a response. Moderator]

  17. Seti said

    Even the most rudimentary check on Wiki shows NZ being 84th on the most recent homicide list per 100,000 inhabs, behind noteables such as China, Switzerland, South Korea, Finland, UK…


    Agenda much?

  18. NZer said


  19. NZer said


  20. NZer said

    [You’ve been banned from this site for spamming. M]

  21. 5ive! said

    [Edited. See the reply I gave to your other comment. Moderator]

  22. 5ive! said

    [Edited. Learn some manners, if you want to be heard on this blog. TEAA]

  23. David said

  24. RM24 said

    Please don’t stop sending your people to our fair shores, who else are we going to kill if foreigners stop coming here. We want to be the subject of the next hostel movie, so if you want a scene dedicated to you, come and we’ll see what we can do.

  25. Cam said

    I am from NZ, and I am not: a rapist, high on any subtance, a murderer, a paedophile, a child abuser, school drop-out, asthma or obesity sufferer, my girlfriend (who is a teenager (As am I, so please don’t all me a paedophile)) is not pregnant, I don’t have melonoma, and I don’t plan on commiting suicide in the near future. Nor do I know anyone who is. Nor do I know of anyone who is ‘out to get’ tourists, as you suggest, you even in one instance put inverted commas around road death ‘accidents’. Tourism is one of NZ’s largest export industries, why would we want to destroy it by murdering tourists? You, moderater, clearly have an adgenda, and I note that you have removed A LOT of posts on this page, obviously ones with a view point differing from your own. I have no doubt my post will follow them into oblivion.

    • te2ataria said

      “I am from NZ, and I am not: a rapist, high on any subtance, a murderer, a paedophile, a child abuser, school drop-out, asthma or obesity sufferer, my girlfriend (who is a teenager (As am I, so please don’t all me a paedophile)) is not pregnant, I don’t have melonoma, and I don’t plan on commiting suicide in the near future.”

      Only have your word for it!

      “Nor do I know anyone who is. Nor do I know of anyone who is ‘out to get’ tourists, as you suggest, you even in one instance put inverted commas around road death ‘accidents’.”

      The advertising media publishes what is a fraction of incidents involving tourists. We analyze, upgrade and represent those news with own knowledge and that of our insiders in the government to help protect the unsuspecting tourists.

      “Tourism is one of NZ’s largest export industries, why would we want to destroy it by murdering tourists?”

      Whatever your reasons might be, and from time to time we venture to analyze the criminal mindset, the facts are the facts; we document and broadcast the findings.

      Up until now, people clearly thought they could get away with murder, and they did. This blog is the first of its kind to warn the tourists about the dangers that await them in New Zealand.

      “You, moderater, clearly have an adgenda, and I note that you have removed A LOT of posts on this page, obviously ones with a view point differing from your own. I have no doubt my post will follow them into oblivion.”

      You’re wrong on this one too because your email was published and replied to!

      Profane messages will be disallowed. See also https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/editorial-policy/

      If you send another comment with as many spelling mistakes [I counted at least seven] it might be disallowed.

  26. MichaelW said


  27. Cam said

    [Repetitive argument. Edited. Moderator. ]

  28. A New Zealand European said

  29. A New Zealand European said

    [Another infringement and your backside would be banned from posting on this blog. Moderator]

  30. Cam said

    Haha my spelling? Your domain name is spelt wrong…. ‘newzeeland’ doesn’t have two ‘e’s after the ‘Z’. Pull the log out of your own eye….

  31. Kyle said

    [Unintelligent blabber. Edited]

  32. Vasuni said

    I came across this blog while surfing the net for the Indian cabbie murder in Auckland. I am so distraught and angry with what is happening- all the racist attacks in Australia and NZ. It is very sad. If the Aussies or New Zealenders are upset about Asians taking your jobs then maybe you should address it to your govt or simply work harder instead of murdering or assaulting us.

    And I understand that the moderator does not want to disturbed the credibility of this blog but with so many post deleted/ edited, it makes me wonder if it has been removed because the user disagreed with your views.

    I am not asking the whites to like us – but being tolerant is just a mark of civility.

  33. Hawkeye said

    [Content deleted because of racial stereotyping. DH]

  34. Hawkeye said

    [If you continue to make stupid remarks, I’ll ban you from the blog. Moderator DH.]

  35. New Zealander said

    [See reply. Moderator DH]

  36. gp said


  37. gp said

  38. gp said


  39. gp said

    [What does the ‘p’ stand for, puss? Moderator D.H.]

  40. Americana said

    [I am afraid your stats seems to be the work of Dr Nylon or Sir Bruce. Moderator D.H.]

  41. codie said

    If we get rid of all the pakeha and israelis new zealand would be a good place to go. DEATH TO THE RIGHT.

  42. Pete said

    [Are you on ‘P’ again, Pete? Tell the truth and ye shall be heard, bro. Moderator D.H.]

  43. knuckles said

    [see earlier reply: https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/colored-students/#comment-3323%5D

  44. knuckles said

    [see earlier reply: https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/colored-students/#comment-3323%5D

  45. knuckles said

    [see earlier reply: https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/colored-students/#comment-3323%5D

  46. Ursinhodany said

    NZ is the top seven!!!????

  47. bill e said

    the pakeha have a death wish, the racist pieces of shit they are!

  48. brodrick said

    I am 48 yr old 8th generation Kiwi with 4 children. I have travelled much of the world through my business and holidays (including the entire NZ many times), and I can assure you over the past 20 years NZ has become a very dangerous place to what it used to be. I tend to take my holidays overseas because of the fear of threats and a feeling of being made to feel unwelcome etc. Once my children have all left home were OFF. The whole world is become a less safe place, but NZ has changed a lot quicker and to a bigger extreme than anywhere else

  49. D said

    Kia Ora

    Let me first just say I stumbled upon this site somehow while researching the excellence of Ngāi Tahu Maori in business.

    Though you have backed up the majority of your points, you seem to jump to some strange conclusions. For example, you correctly cite: “As much as 81 percent [or more] of the tourist rapes in New Zealand either go unreported”, then you go on to say “or the victims are intimidated by the police to drop complaints”. Where did you get that last bit of data?

  50. James said

    [Silence is golden, especially if you have nothing intelligent to say. Moderator]

  51. PAUL W. said

    I wish that we knew who you were […]

    [Who is this royal “wee?” European Moderator, CPH]

    [Generalization! Ask a specific question as politely and succinctly as you can, and you may get a specific answer.]

    Some of your views do however ring true, but unfortunately, most do not
    [You’re entitled to your opinion, despite the glaring facts.]

    I think you are an interesting person though, or group of people who obviously have something to offer the world.
    [Thank you.]

    I heard that a department at the University of Canterbury is even using your site as an example of racial hatred or something to that affect.
    [IF TRUE, it wouldn’t surprise any of us. pakeha universities, as both you and I well know, primarily function to pervert the truth and rubber stamp pakeha aggression.]

    Anyway, I sincerely hope that you will respect me enough to post this comment. regards, Pakeha Paul (aka Paul W., Christchurch, New Zealand.
    [Good on you, Bro. CPH]

  52. Jared said

    [That was a poor attempt. Try harder next time. Moderator AMR]

  53. Lorraine.. said

    [Sober up, and we’ll see if you have anything smart to say. Moderator]

  54. Te Aropawa said

    [See previous reply by DH. Moderator]

  55. MIKE said

    Good evening
    [Good Point mIKE, Will consider your suggestions. Moderator DH]

  56. earlybird said

    Inasmuch as the tourist murdering is concerned, New Zealand does not target and kill tourists. That is a very literal reading of this blog’s unique mix of over-the-top humor + its slightly animistic spirit-world approach, in which everything is animated with some sort of soul (countries included). If I am catching it right. NZ simply focuses on attracting tourists and migrants and making as much money as it can out of them, and ignores other aspects of the host/guest relationship, such as caring for them. Imagine a commercial hotel establishment with heavy investment in marketing and with high rates, pulling interested victims into a rundown far-flung resort where roofs fell on them, floors had holes, mildew crept into every hole in your body, dogs bit them, toilets didn’t work, cars ran by noisily all night and ran over them, you get the picture. 🙂 I read on one of the other NZ “tell it like it is” sites a metaphor of a giant man-eating plant. Beautiful but deadly! Don’t get swallowed! This blog appears to be fighting for the soul of the island(s) against the corrupting influences that actually control most of the nation’s affairs. It’s unfortunate, but demographics may well come into it.

  57. Karl said

    Your common statement is “pakeha” meaning white man I assume?

    [The worst kind of “white man” who plagued our islands. Remember the best of “white man” remained in their home countries and did not rape or kill Maori. Moderator]

  58. Karl said

    And I apologise it should read “your” not you in the first line.

    [Your apology would be meaningful if you also got your facts right.
    2 foreigners are killed in New Zealand every 3 days!
    New Zealand: A World Leader in Violent Crimes

    and other blog content. Moderator]

  59. Karl said

    [Government agents/supporters, or the average pakeha, like yourself are harmful to our society. Lies, deception, misrepresentation, disinformation are your genetic traits. Moderator]

  60. Karl said

    [Your buddies even go to other countries and kill their woman and children. So what’s changed in your pakeha psyche 170 years on?

  61. LUCY said

    [Oh Lucy!]

  62. LUCY said

    [Leaving so soon? Moderator]

  63. I'm full of shit said


  64. kjk said

    I have been fucked in america or europe. I have aids and am dying a slow death.

  65. te2ataria said

    @ kjk

    Are you implying that your fate would have been any different if you were f***
    only in this country?

  66. GWPSP090 said

    [See reply to your other comment. Moderator K.]

  67. This Is Attention Seeking Insanity said

    This is an blog full of emotion with an author who I’m sure believes they are being logical.

    New Zealand does have a high violent crime rate compared to other modern 1st world countries, but it’s still nothing compared to the 3rd world countries I’ve been to and will continue to go to. Why? Because there is more to life and travel than making sure that the place you visit is as safe as Switzerland. I lived in NZ for 20 years, never got robbed, I got head butted by a skinhead once (Who was caught by the police and made to pay me $1000), and that’s just fine for 20 years of life.

    Yeah I know you’ll go and edit this Mr Moderator, why? Are you actually a good person? Would a good person create rules to censor all naysayers? No, you’re a manipulator of information, you don’t want people visiting to see who few people agree with you.

    • te2ataria said

      @ “From This Is Attention Seeking Insanity” on 10 Worst Places

      NICE comparison!!!
      We don’t manipulate the information, but have no way of verifying 99% of the messages people attempt to post on this blog.

      “I lived in NZ for 20 years, never got robbed”

      Only about 600,000 crimes are recorded in this country each year, and not all are robberies.

      BTW, this blog has more than one author.

  68. racistmuch? said

    [You could have said you’re a martian and I’d have still regarded you as brainless, if you came all that way to raise your children in NZ. EVEN martian kids deserve a better living environment than what this poxy country has to offer. Frankly, you couldn’t be a non-kiwi with a larger than double-digit IQ and make such ridiculous claims. Moderator]

  69. New Zealand Liar said

    [Don’t forget that 6 of the 8 blog Moderators and contributors ALSO live in New Zealand. Then again your name says it all. Moderator DH.]

  70. Keely said

    If the authors of this blogs really felt so unsafe  in New Zealand don’t you think they would have left by now? 

  71. paul said

    [Which one of the blog moderators are you addressing? Moderator K]

  72. Krip said

    [Kiaora Krip — you’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, and how you may run your blog, whether we like it or not. Te2 is currently taking a sabbatical and can’t answer you personally. Do you have your own blog? Moderator K.]

  73. anon said

    [What you are referring to is the “piss index” NOT peace index. Get real! Pull your head out of it! You need fresh air. Moderator ]

  74. magdalena carter said

    [Consider yourself extremely lucky. Read carefully through the blog content and see the statistics, which the NZ media doesn’t often reveal. Moderator]

  75. Jayanthi said

    My brother in law, an Indian, stays with his wife and daughter in Auckland. He has been in NZ for the past thirteen odd years, though a qualified engineer, he never was able to find a decent job, and spent the initial years delivering newspapers and as a food delivery person for restaurants in the locality. But all said and done, till today he raves and rants about New Zealand, calls it home, waxes eloquent about the safety, security and high standard of living the country has to offer, about its social security benefits and the extremely efficient transport and other world class infrastructure, the world class education etc. As far as the locals are concerned, he is always extolling their virtues and as to how well they treat Indians (much better than they are treated in their own country), how there is absolutely no racial slur or discrimination and Indians are treated on par, if not better than the locals. He says New Zealand is the best and the safest place to stay in the world, Till today he has only painted a rosy picture of NZ. While all in the family took his words as the absolute truth, I was skeptical, mainly because of two things,
    One, if NZ is such a great place to stay in, why does he feel the need to come back to India, over and over again ? For the past thirteen years, he has come to India every year, with his family and stayed with us (or rather dumped himself and his family on us) for six months in a year, in effect he was more in India than in NZ for the past 13 years.

    Two, his son chose London for his higher education and also for relocation. So if NZ is that great in education and job prospects, why the relocation to London.

    Even now, my brother in law is here with his family and will be there for the next several months.

    It is obvious that he has painted a rosy picture to save face, this is further vindicated by the fact that, everytime any relative of ours talks about coming to visit him in Auckland, he is prompt to evade them, saying that it is not convenient at that time, for him to accommodate guests and that it would be unaffordable to them.

    Moral of the story – better to be a king in your house, than be a beggar in someone else’s.

  76. pat said

    Obviously who ever is running this site need to lay off the crack.

  77. te2ataria said

    Machete used to scare Indian immigrants [because they spoke Indian at home]

    An unemployed New Plymouth man said he wanted to scare his Indian immigrant neighbours because he was angry they were speaking “a foreign language”.

    Zane McGovern, 34, must now pay back $3407 for wrecking the panelwork on their two cars and was ordered to attend community work for 225 hours.

    McGovern was sentenced in New Plymouth District Court on Thursday after admitting possession of an offensive weapon and two counts of wilful damage.

    The incident occurred at 8.50pm on August 17 in Bulteel St after McGovern had spent all day drinking, the court heard.

    He began yelling at his Indian neighbours, who were recent immigrants, to shut up.

    McGovern grabbed a machete with a 400mm blade and scratched it across a concrete wall outside, causing sparks to fly. The Indians went inside to the safety of their flat and watched as McGovern then used the machete to damage two of their cars, causing $407 damage to one and managing to mark every panel of the other, causing much more damage than the value of the $3000 car.

    McGovern was looking after school-aged children at the time.

    He told police he became angry because his neighbours were always talking in a foreign language.

    He had wanted to “get across the message in a way they would understand”, he said.

  78. Hamish Dorrington said

    [spamming – content removed. Moderator]

  79. Rob said

    I moved here from SA to escape the racism and violence. I was in absolute disbelieve when I found things are fare worse here. With in the first couple of months I was assaulted in broad day light walking down queen street. I was minding my business when three thugs attacked me for no reason what so ever. The same thing happened again several years later when I was cycling down Tamaki drive. Two thugs punched me off my bike and the turned around laughing and walked away. Why is this? Why is there so much hatred in this country? I realize that kiwis hate South Africans but I was not wearing any South African clothing at the time of the attacks. Yet I was attacked in broad day light! Is it just because I am white? can it be that NZ is far more racist than SA?

    I was paid next to nothing and never received any over time for working almost every weekend and late evenings. My friends informed me that my work permit states that I can only work for this company and would need to re-apply for a new work permit if I wanted to seek better working environment. The kiwi employers are aware of this fact and thus get away with paying highly skilled workers next to nothing, bordering on slave labour. I could hardly make ends meet, but my kiwi employer remained unfazed. Kiwi’s clearly don’t care for the well-being of others. Kiwis don’t get that the strong NZ economy is due to the highly skilled and hardworking foreigners.

    This type of behavior is repeated in every day life and shockingly even when seeking medical treatment. I needed medical treatment some years ago but was denied any help. Every time I went to see I kiwi doctor, I was asked how long I have lived in NZ and was promptly denied any treatment. I found out later that kiwi doctors refuse to help foreigner patients if they haven’t lived in NZ for more than ten years. They would much rather have someone live in pain then to help them! How cruel can they get! So much for becoming a doctor to help people and stop the suffering of man kind!

    I have befriended amazing people from all nationalities that share the same sad story’s. So my question to all kiwi’s, why do you hate us so much? We work hard to fit in and to bring our share to society!

    I truly hope that kiwis would one day see the light and treat people with care and respect.

    God bless New Zealand and every one living in this beautiful country.

    • te2ataria said

      On the contrary! Some of us Pakeha are inspired by our SA cousins because of the obvious reasons. You’re attacked because you’re a successful foreigner, NOT because you’re a South African.

  80. BIN said

    [Thank you for the compliments. AND yes there are worst types of that infection going around. Stay clean. Moderator]

  81. handjob said

    [Handjob, you’re beginning to believe your own lies. Moderator ]

  82. Dean said


  83. GS said


  84. lunatic reader said

    Tell you the truth I’m a troll. and before you say anything, I know I am a loser.

  85. ET said

    Feel free to edit this, delete it, whatever. I don’t care…

  86. Aimee said

    I was born and raised in NZ… I’m a Kiwi through and through…… I live in China now.. I’m in just as much danger here as I was back home. But you know what I don’t care. Live life like you want to.

  87. kiwianna said

    [Make a specific point. Moderator]

  88. NZ er said

    [Wrong again! Moderator K.]

  89. A Greek, Maori, Irish prick said

    Hey people,

    I don’t understand why it is okay to say that “all Pakeha” are the problem in NZ, to say that New Zealand is automatically worse than other countries, to tell people to boycott an entire country. Firstly, by saying that Pakeha as a whole are the problem and should be shipped from the country, you are being racist. You are being malicious towards a specific group of people due to the colour of their skin. Just because you say that it is in “Pakeha genetics” to lie and cheat, does not make this true. I have never heard of any test that discovered a lying gene or chromosome, so please don’t try and use science to justify your racist beliefs. Next, you found these independent sources on the internet. Let’s face it, it’s the internet. It’s not the most honest thing out there. A system that relies on pornography to actually function, be worthwhile and be economically viable. I don’t think making some slightly biased and altered survey results and putting them up on this wondrous network would be very hard, do you? Lastly, do you actually realize what you are doing? You have effectively said that there are four and a half million people in this world, located on three small islands that are not worth the light of day. It would be more understandable if you acknowledged that the majority of New Zealanders are reasonably normal and nice people, but no, you actually have succeeded in stereotyping an entire country! Well, except for the Maori people of course.

    I guess what I’m really wondering is when is all this racial discrimination going to end? Yes, I know we have racial issues in New Zealand, and I know we are definitely not perfect, but a lot of us are trying to change things through positive means. What positive things has this hate blog accomplished? I don’t pick my friends by the colour of their skin.

    Yours sincerely,
    A Greek, Maori, Irish prick.

    • te2ataria said

      A Greek, Maori, Irish prick wrote:
      “It would be more understandable if you acknowledged that the majority of New Zealanders are reasonably normal and nice people…”

      That’s simply NOT true!
      Moderator J.D.

  90. fuckwit nzer said

    [What’s your point, fuckwit nzer? Moderator]

  91. Person From New Zealand said

    [This blog has repeatedly proven that ALL official and commercial stats concerning NZ, the most corrupt country in the ‘developed world’, are manipulated by the SIS/other govt agencies. Moderator N ]

  92. Person From New Zealand said

    [This blog has repeatedly proven that ALL official and commercial stats concerning NZ are manipulated by the SIS/other govt agencies. Moderator N ]

  93. Dave obnoxious said

    [And then what you spineless p***?. Moderator N]

  94. J said

    I do not have stats for SA, but I would rater stay in NZ anytime! Then again SA is a 3rd world country and NZ is supposes to be a …

  95. Leaf said

    stop buying GMO foods from the supermarkets… stop taking vaccines and flu shots…. the American and European Government are SICK EVIL WAR CRIMINALS who inject toxic chemicals and poisons into our food supply

  96. gotfucked said

    Moderator is a dangerous person.

  97. wanker said

  98. Jhova said

    I was all at once surprised when I got to know if there are worst travel destinations in the world as well. All the places seem to be great, after all these are worst. I must appreciate your efforts to reveal such places for us.

  99. Another Person From New Zealand said

    Dear Moderator K:
    how about you stop removing my comments just because they contradict what you are saying, if what you are saying is true it will stand up to public screening, so if once again if you remove this post you basicily admit you are wrong.

    [Dear Another Person From New Zealand– the extent of disinformation propagated in New Zealand makes even the Americans turn purple-green with envy!! If you quote RELEVANT data from independent, reliable sources, we have no qualm about printing them. Bear in mind Wikipedia still doesn’t allow the actual details of 911 published, and the page for 1080 has been repeatedly hacked by or on behalf of NZ govt. Moderator K.]

  100. DunedinBoy said

    I grew up in New Zealand in the 1960s and 1970s and the idea that the only violent people there are the pakeha is an assertion utterly unsupported by the observable evidence.

    I appreciate you’d like whitey to go home, Te2ataria and that’s perfectly fine. In your place, it’s quite possible I might share your feelings entirely. I’d certainly like the English to have not murdered and dispossessed my highland ancestors during the clearances. But the fact you fail to recognise your own moral inconsistency, or you choose to ignore it, is something else altogether.

    Regardless of these differences, I certainly agree with you that New Zealand is a strange and unpleasant place for a child to grow up in. An intrinsically violent and unpredictable place. And it will get worse – but not for the reasons you so egregiously peddle here.

    • te2ataria said

      @ DunedinBoy
      What observable evidence?
      You’re falsely accusing Te2ataria (he is currently on a long hiatus and therefore unable to respond himself) of moral inconsistency when neither he nor any of his ancestors ever raped, murdered or otherwise harmed a single European; nor did they invade, or stole an inch of European soil.
      White Moderator DH

  101. te2ataria said

    Girl, 8, raped at Southland beach – NZ Newswire February 3, 2013, 8:06 pm
    Police are hunting a man who sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl at a Southland beach.

    The incident happened in the sand dunes of Oreti Beach, about 50m south of the main entrance about 4pm on Saturday, Detective Don Ward said.

    There was a large number of people on the beach and police believed the man was seen by children playing in the area at the time.
    Det Ward asked for witnesses or anyone with information to contact police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


  102. suzidam said

    why are so many comments being edited ??? can this not be a source of objective information ??? no???

  103. suzidam said

    and why is Ireland on that list??? its not generally a dangerous place but like most other countries it has its bad areas. this makes me doubt the creditability of this site.

  104. T said

    Oh my god, the kiwis sound like f-cking mental cases. I didn’t believe the rumor at first. They are like sh-t, act and live like sh-t. They should get some help the aggro idiots… for f-cks sake why don’t travel agents tell you the truth about what kind of sh-tpit that place is? More people ought to tell the world about New Zealand. NZers should see a specialist en-mass about their problems. Honestly, whoever is stupid enough to go to Z-land deserves what they get. The suckers really needs to grow up. What a joke of a country.

  105. jacklyn said

    Excellent post. Very useful information!
    Thanks and good luck.

  106. James H said

    Question – any serious study of genetics and ancestry of all people around the World reveals that from thousands (if not 10’s or hundreds of thousands) of years of movement, immigration and interbreeding, there is no such thing as a “pure race”. Not ‘white people’, not Maori – not even Germans (excuse the pun). Even so called “Maori’ had very tribes, locations and names for themselves and certainly didn;t see themselves as a ‘race’. Until the same global ‘bankers’ taught them to do just that. Is it not therefore the case that the very names we use to describe so called ‘races’ are in fact racist themselves? The global bankers (vatican, city of london criminals etc) invent all these terms- and we are all their slaves. My family came here as their slaves- and are still their slaves to this day. As we all are – unless you are part of one of their inbred “jewish” families of course, such as Todd, Fletchers etc. So as clever as this website appears to be (and I for one have really enjoyed it – often quoting and referring to it) – on the evolutionary scale of humanity- your views on ‘racism’ and ‘race’ are still fairly infantile/ undeveloped. To put it in perspective perhaps – before the evil white man arrived – and introduced the internet for people like this editor to spend all day on- I guess this author would have been running around one of the Islands screaming ‘rape and pedophilia’ about another tribe – as maori were certainly divided back them also. This is simply just what some “people” do. Hope you post that- up for debate 🙂

    • te2ataria said

      @ James H
      Tell that to the families of Trayvon Martin and hundreds of non-white people murdered in this country each year.

      The fact remains that since at least 1500 Vulgar Era the “evil white men” have been responsible for the overwhelming majority [highly disproportionate share] of the worst atrocities committed worldwide.
      White Moderator D.H.

  107. James H said

    lol- nice one mate. i doubt you will publish the facts below- as they make it clear you are a bit delusional- but look deep inside for ‘courage’ and try publish this – only those with fascist tendencies would censor my reply right? …………….. i spend most of the day ‘blogging’ about the pedos that be and their crimes. its the jesuits/ vatican banks- dating back to the Julian family of Rome (Julius Caesar/ J.C ie, Jesus Christ) and to empires prior to that. they rule, and they care not if you are white or brown etc. they will murder anyone that gets in their way- the entire Seal Team 6 that were reported to have got Bin Laden have all died under questionable circumstance (mostly helicopter crashes), to silence the truth that the whole raid was rubbish, Osama had been dead for years. here in NZ, they used John Banks and other insider pedos to remove all safety on mining and possibly even blew up that mine themselves, killing 29 ‘white’ minors. we are ALL their slaves, white or brown. the same foreign bankers that invaded NZ and killed off Maori are the same foreign banking families that rule us now and are invading Iraq, Afghan etc. They have sacrificed 10’s of thousands of ‘white’ soldiers/ cannon fodder since the 9-11 lies. In regards TRAVON MARTYN – 40 black men were murdered in Chicago while that trial was on- including 3 children – but only the Travon case was plastered all over the media in that time- why? bcos the killer happened to be ‘white’ (actually Peruvian). why did they plaster the Travon case all over the media they own and control? so that morons like you take the bait. there are around 40,000 murders in the US every year- and 2/3’s of them are black men killing black men. black men are the biggest threat to other black men. in terms of murder at least. i really like this site- even saved in my favorites, as it exposes so much of the lies in NZ- but your stance has clearly moved from being ‘open minded’ and intelligent to one of institutionalized racism. you are a racist. racism is racism, no matter who/ what etc. i would have expected a higher intelligence/ awareness from someone who has done this work here (and great work it is/was). Cheers.

    • te2ataria said

      @ James H
      The nonsensical half truths you’ve scribbled down are NOT facts.
      Will only allow one subject per email and one email per day in future [what little of it is left.]
      White Moderator DH

  108. James H said

    3,500 ‘white’ people on 911, countless irish freedom fighters over 50 years, 70,000 western soldiers in past 12 years from war and suicides related to war, curable cancer victims everyday. they murder by economic value – not colour. 3.5 million dead muslims in the past 12 years, v’s 70,000 dead westerners – they see it only in terms of cost v’s return. the amount of colour in a persons skin they leave for the morons of this world to fight over. they only fight for power and control – with money as their control mechanism. they are unseen, hidden from view, protected by an an army of lies, secret societies, banks and governments. are they white themselves? most likely yes- but we are ALL their slaves, and they care not what colour the people they murder are. we will ALL be paying their fake carbon taxes, and now their fascist power prices here in NZ. racial division and fighting is just one of their tools – and the clear racism you display here is simply doing their work- distracting people from the real problem – THE PEOPLE v’s the ‘banks’.

    • te2ataria said

      @ James H

      “70,000 western soldiers … 3.5 million dead muslims in the past 12 years … the amount of colour in a persons skin they leave for the morons of this world to fight over.”

      Heavily contradicting yourself, while blaming “the morons of this world.”

  109. James H said

    [comment edited because a) you’ve filled your quota for the day, or b) said something unintelligent again. Moderator]

  110. Mark Taylor NZ said

  111. ADOLF said

  112. HT said

    [Don’t let the truth scare you on our account! Moderator K.]

  113. JT said

    [It’s time you took your head out of its unintended resting place and had a look around you. Moderator]

  114. Annonymous said

    Please stop hating on New Zealand. There is nothing wrong with it.

  115. Guest said

    (I mean the list in https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/10-worst-places/)

  116. Aus smith said

    Pakeha plague… the bastards took all ur land !!!

  117. Mr Bum said

    Evidence of the crime sprees in NZ tends to indicate you have at least three serial killers at work.

  118. lawrence said

    [Stats are proportional, Mr Rutherf**t! If only you’d finished high school… Moderator K.]

  119. Leah said

    [In what way does this hurt you soooo much? Moderator K.]

  120. pissed-off said

    I am a New Zealander. Its all true!!! Heaps of killers and rapists. Please don’t come here. protect your family. don’t bring them here.

    We have more crimes than any other “developed” country in the world. It is NOT a safe place to live, especially if you are colored or even white with the wrong accent. We hate Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Pakistanis, Indians, especially.
    Had a gut full of you scum bags coming here and driving cars and KILLING innocent New Zealanders on our roads. Its happening to much!!!.
    In the last 2 day…4 people have been killed by tourists.
    The next time I see a tourist crossing the a road …….! Watch out YOU Fuckers!

  121. All Pakeha are CUNTS said

    They are stupid cunts.

  122. Freddy FW said

    This is a comical country … full of uneducated people, followed by the ignorant people ….. and I don’t just mean the colored people.

  123. Patricia said

    I am utterly shocked at this article and comments. But then people who sit behind a keyboard tend to be more “colorful”.

    .I am an American, married to a Kiwi, spent holiday in NZ in 2002, moved to NZ in 2003 for 4 years and worked for the NZ government. […]

    Don’t judge by what you read on the internet.

  124. james C said

    • te2ataria said

      The only difference between kyle chapman of “white power nz” and the prime minister is that little kylie would never admit to who is actually paying him for disseminating his sick ideology.

  125. kevin said

    yo buddy!

  126. Emily said

    This is obviously written by an Australian to stir us up. Mate – grow up.

  127. Cake said

    [Family name removed. E] ever all my family have are in NZ and nothing’s ever happened appart from a few thefts and robbers it’s a easy place to meet and make friends, I live in the capital of Wellington, Iv lived in a few areas there, Upper Hutt (heretaunga), Lower Hutt (alicetown), (taita), (maungraki), (Petone), (Tirohanga), (habourview). In Wellington (johnsonville), Porirua (mana) and so far Porirua is my favourite of all I feel the most safest, most friendly people, thank you people around Plimmerton, Paremata and Mana you rock

    • te2ataria said

      According to the govt figures, both the ones that they published and the ones that they have doctored, you and your family, your friends and their families, stand a one in nine chance (each) of becoming a victim of a crime this year.

      The crimes categories include: Homicide and related offences; Sexual assault and related offences; Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons; Abduction, harassment and other offences against the person; Robbery, extortion and related offences; Unlawful entry with intent/burglary, break and enter; Theft and related offences; Property damage and environmental pollution; Fraud, deception and related offences; Public order offences [killed by police category was not specifically mentioned on the list,] etc.
      GOOD LUCK!

  128. Charles Franklin said

    Why do some New Zealanders seem to deny the reality that the country is not “safe, pure, and 100 percent green”. Per the propaganda machine. For a nation that seems to have a large, heavy chip on its collective shoulder, some New Zealanders are thin- skinned about crime, and safety. Regards.

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