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Plumbing Depth of Depravity: Bestiality with Animals

Posted by feww on February 28, 2008

[Submitted by Guest Writer]

Man admits trying to have sex with goat

Once Again New Zealand tops its own chart of depravity. A 68-year-old man [suspected to be a former employee of the Security “Intelligence” Service, SIS,] pleaded guilty in a New Zealand District Court to attempting to commit bestiality with a goat.

The Judge who is an animal lover remanded the convict on bail until March 12 for sentencing. Original Report

Irish Goat
Irish Goat: ‘Shame on YOU New Zealand!’

To Jewish and Muslim readers who consume New Zealand meat products:

At what point the meat you eat ceases to be “Kosher” or “Halal”?

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19 Responses to “Plumbing Depth of Depravity: Bestiality with Animals”

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  3. kiwimotherfucker said

    I’m a proud kiwi and I love the idea of sex with animals, I cant see why I cant fuck an animal in the ass, after all we eat them, so whats the problem. At least they can expereince some love before they feel the cold concrete floor of the slaughterhouse, and get the bolt in the head…. then it can never love.

  4. Nancee Shim said

    I usually don’t leave comments on blogs, but i thought I would today. Awesome!!! Nicely done.

  5. dyer said

    you could of blured the goats face to protect its identity!

  6. a reader said

    Greetings I am so happy I found your web site. Please do keep up the great job.

  7. Shane said

    [See previous replies. Moderator]

  8. April said

    Hey There. I found your blog through msn. Thanks for the post.

  9. flossie said

    Aren’t all kiwis animal LOVERS?

  10. del said


  11. Katja said

    This is a serious medical condition.

  12. Louie said


  13. ken said

    I really found you by chance when looking for something completely different. Thanks for a tremendous post and an all round thrilling blog.

  14. mario said

    You researchers out there still wondering how animal-to-human disease are spreading like wildfire?

  15. Doug said

    [You should contact them direct with the problem. Moderator DH]

  16. Candice said

    I genuinely believe New Zealanders are victims of some kind of mass psychotropic experimentation that went horribly wrong.

  17. sky girl said

    Thanks to this website, my family and I have cancelled our next sky trip in NZ!

  18. tourist from Warszawa said

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