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Is NZ’s Toxic Time Bomb Finally Going Off?

Posted by feww on March 5, 2008

Or is it a genetic issue?

[Submitted by Guest Writer]

As New Zealand’s youngest killer (he committed murder in 2001, when 12) becomes eligible for parole, a study reveals that fifth of New Zealand’s primary school pupils in Hawke’s Bay are sociopaths. [Surprised?]

According to the report:

  • One in five of the 12,787 Hawke’s Bay pupils covered by the survey was either a danger to others, disrupted other pupils’ learning or damaged property.
  • Just under a third of the responding teachers had at least one pupil who physically attacked other pupils.
  • Six per cent of teachers reported ongoing physical attacks on themselves or teachers aides.

In view of the appalling statistics, New Zealand authorities must now tell the world, especially the potential tourists who risk their lives visiting the country, whether the unprecedented level of violence is due to genetic reasons, or it is caused by the New Zealand poisoning syndrome—the millions of tons of toxic chemicals including Agent Orange buried in undisclosed locations, which are now leaking to the environment.

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