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Says Here You’re South African!

Posted by feww on April 3, 2008

Professional [non-white] migrants face [severe] discrimination in New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald
11:11AM Friday April 04, 2008

Highly skilled immigrants struggle to find jobs in New Zealand because they come up against a wall of discrimination from both potential employers and recruitment consultants, a Massey University study has found.

The Wellington-based study by human resource management lecturer Jacqui Campbell and communication lecturer Mingsheng Li unearthed disturbing evidence that many new arrivals remained unemployed or accepted unskilled work because of racism. Report.

It says here you’re South African!!?! Created by GA. [This image is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License (cc-by-sa-2.0). In short: you are free to share and make derivative works of the file under the conditions that you appropriately attribute it, and that you distribute it under this or a similar cc-by-sa license.]

6 Responses to “Says Here You’re South African!”

  1. Chelene said

    Well, I am glad to see that there are people aware of this issue!I am a south african graphic designer, I am here on a visitor’s visa seeking employment in design / admin / HR / Marketing, it sounds easy enough, and there are LOADS of jobs, but as soon as they hear that you don’t have a work permit – they stop cold in their tracks and don’t even ask how the process works?! I have an agent here with all my paperwork, he has shown me how it works and it is really not difficult. It just seems like additional paperwork for the employer is just too much effort!

    I left my country because of the escalating crime and poor payment, I chose to come to new zealand because it seemed to be a very friendly and fair country. I love it here & would love to stay, but it seems almost impossible to do so. Myself & my fiance have had some very rude encounters, people seem unwilling to give you a chance to prove yourself, this is very sad, beause we have SO much to offer.

    New Zealand is a small country that should thrive on immigration,immigrants that are let into NZ are very skilled and have a lot to offer NZ’s economy, but these highly skilled immigrants end up working in run of the mill jobs, because no one gave them the chance to be an asset to the country….sounds a bit crazy to me!! If we are here, we are ready & skilled, we desperately want to work & better YOUR business, why aren’t you making use of our services & skills?

  2. Jerome said

    Instead of complaining that the MAN is holding you back, why don’t you start your own business or go back home and start one there. God loves the child that has his own. You will find that societies that have declined in history are those made up of people with your mind set. I got mine now I will leave the community. You must give back to your community and help a young one coming up. Get out of that racist country and take your educated Butt back home.

  3. te2ataria said

    Thank you for your “butt-full” insight.

    “God loves the child that has his own.”
    What “God?” The “God” of George Bush, Tony Blair and Helen Clark?

    “You will find that societies that have declined in history are those made up of people with your mind set.”

    Is that based on some evidence [sic] or just warm methane coming out the wrong end?

    “Get out of that racist country and take your educated Butt back home.”
    For the rest of us, who are also “black,” this country is home, Einstein!

  4. […] Says Here You’re South African! […]

  5. GDris said

    [What do you think, bro? Moderator]

  6. isabell said

    Ugly racist kiwis!

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