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Extreme Poverty in New Zealand

Posted by feww on April 14, 2008

New Zealanders are pathological liars.

And the worst of them work for the “government.” Take poverty for example.

“Poverty Measurement Project (1995), conducted by reputable academics and researchers, found that 32.6 percent of children [and by extension their families] in New Zealand live below a poverty threshold of 60 percent of the median disposable income.”

“The incidence of poverty is more than two and a half times greater among Maori,’ however, ‘than it is among Pakeha [European] families.” [www.crin.org/docs/resources/treaties/crc.14/NZ_Long_NGO_Report.pdf]

Their ministers have spun the facts so hard lately their heads are going woozy and they are talking trash through their back passage.

A senior cabinet minister [doubling also as Associate Minister of Education] suggested last week the reason some children go to school hungry is that they want to stay “trim.”

The Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia in a rebuttal said, “almost 20,000 children a week needed feeding at school because of empty cupboards at home,” adding that the NZ Ministry of Education is not responding to the “disadvantage people were experiencing because of escalating child poverty and hunger.”

The New Zealand “government” argues that child poverty has reduced dramatically. They have even paid their “experts” to fabricate reports to that effect. To perpetuate the lie, they use heavily doctored data, weasel words and all other weapons that a colonial government keeps in its arsenal of mass deception.

Julie Helson, director of the KidsCan charity, said she was “absolutely floored” by Mr Horomia’s comments. “We feed 7000 kids a week and some are starving. It’s not because they want to be thin, it’s because they don’t have access to food.”

She said 12,000 were on the KidsCan waiting list, showing that families were increasingly struggling to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, a professor in paediatrics said the 20,000 New Zealand children living in poverty were not worried about their waist size.

Screwing the Poor

The New Zealand rich have and are rubbing the poor blind. The extent of poverty in New Zealand is so appalling a foreign charity organization had to intervene. The London-based Humanity First International [they normally deliver aid to victims of earthquakes, floods, storms and tsunamis in third-world countries] delivered supplies to some of the very poor, where whole families live in small single rooms, with blocked-up shared toilets and rat-infested kitchens. (Source)

8 Responses to “Extreme Poverty in New Zealand”

  1. terres said

    Average family in the red just to get by
    Skyrocketing living costs mean the average New Zealand family is going into the red simply to cover everyday expenses, according to detailed new analysis.


  2. feww said

    TERRES – Thanks for the update!

  3. cheritycall said

    [Unrelated material. Edited by Moderator.]

  4. […] Extreme Poverty in New Zealand […]

  5. Kevin said

    We came over from Australia in December 2009 and drove from Wellington to Auckland and we saw first hand the state of New Zealand. New Zealand has been DECIMATED […]
    I believe everything you say in your article. I have seen how faqst approaching “third world” New Zealand is becoming. I have seen this with my OWN TWO EYES. We travelled 1000 kms from Wellington to Auckland, and it was just constant “ghetto” from Wellington (what a hole!) to South of Auckland. Auckland itself “looked” okay. I couldn’t believe how bad and how struggling the New Zealand people are. The suffering! I left NZ to live in Australia in 1992. I DID NOT RECOGNIZE NEW ZEALAND AS THE SAME COUNTRY I LEFT. Australia is the best place to live, that is for sure. I would NEVER want to live in New Zealand in the state it is in now. I’d rather live in America – and that is BAD!

  6. Check out the new movement wanting to change the situation with the economic inequality –

  7. Carleigh said

    [who was it who said pen was mightier than the sword? As for your offer, NO Thanks! Please keep your social diseases to yourself and don’t spread the deadly viruses around.]

  8. gottagetouta said

    Terres is right – I have to charge my food bill about 1 week out of 4. Overseas family helping us now by paying that.

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