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Travel Warning!

Posted by feww on April 15, 2008

Muggings are on the rise. Avoid Traveling to New Zealand.

After the latest incident in which eight English and dutch tourists, including two women, were attacked by a large gang of knife-wielding Caucasian New Zealanders, and other incidents of robbery targeting foreign visitors (see references below), a trend seems to be emerging.

The attackers, 6 men in their late 20s or early 30s, shouted, “they have the wrong accent!” as they proceeded to stab six of the tourists, in what seems to be a mugging incident.

If you are traveling to New Zealand

  • Don’t drive on the deadly roads.

  • Don’t walk alone. Make sure you visit places in groups of 20 to 30 people.

  • When attacked by muggers, hand over your money without any resistance, or you could get stabbed.

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2 Responses to “Travel Warning!”

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  2. LocalNewsReader said

    Only a few days ago in Kaitaia some drunken hooligans hurled abuse at Swiss visitors as they walked along the road looking for a place to have dinner. The tourists began to walk faster to put distance between them, but the hooligans threw bottles and other objects at them. The Swiss tourists ran into the nearest restaurant, whose owner drove them back to their motel in a vehicle. They remained inside their motel refuge until the next day and promptly left Kaitaia when daylight arrived, stating that warnings about the area should be issued with honesty. I have seen other things in Kaitaia – bloody street brawls that would not be out of place on a late-night American crime show. Abuse and attacks on tourists happen very frequently, but do not receive broad play because New Zealand depends on tourist money. It continues to ignore its serious social problems, pretending that only other countries have them.

    But to the average Internet user, these events are not easy to find, buried as they are under pages of shiny propaganda returns.

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