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More Shame, Shame again, Shame on New Zealand!

Posted by feww on May 2, 2008

Submitted by a reader:

Award-winning exporter violated UN rules

(Source) Radiola Aerospace, based in Wellington, New Zealand, violated UN rules by manipulating a contract to install runway lights at an airport in southern Sudan.

The National Business Review said a UN investigation found Radiola drafted its own contract and simultaneously offered to sponsor a New Zealand visa application for a UN official’s wife. (Moving to New Zealand? You have to feel sorry for the uninformed bitch!)

Lies, deception, forgery, manipulation of data … are synonymous with and an integral part of the New Zealand national psyche (we acknowledge that a few decent, though unfortunate, people who live in New Zealand are exceptions to this rule). Take Statistics New Zealand (New Zealand’s official statistics agency), for example. You won’t find a single datum or item of information that has not been manipulated in some way, or completely cooked up! Way to go, Brian!

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