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True Face of Racist NZ Police

Posted by te2ataria on June 18, 2008

NZ Sikh Society to Lodge Formal Complaint About Police Misconduct

NZ Police, HR [sic] Commission and Caligula’s Govt. Already Shaking in Fear!!

The family of murdered liquor store co-owner Navtej Singh and the New Zealand Sikh Society are lodging a formal complaint about the police handling of the murder victim.

NZ Police couldn’t care less if Navtej Singh died!

Police held back an ambulance from reaching the Manurewa store in south Auckland, where Mr Navtej Singh was murdered, despite numerous calls from family and friends saying the gunmen had left the murder scene. (Source)

NZ police took 25 minutes to arrive at the Murder scene.

The Ambulance crew took another 20 minutes, a total of 45 minutes after they were called, to get to the victim!

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2 Responses to “True Face of Racist NZ Police”

  1. RNarayan said

    police care less about people dying .they came to my house without any apointment for a baby whom i delivered 3yrs a go who died at auckland hospital looked after foster parents .He entered my house when I had shapooed my hair ready to bath when I came from bath to answer bell.I told him he should have called he was rude and said he wasnt pregnant to take an appointment I closed the door to have shawer and dress to talk to him not even ten minutes I opened the door to talk to him there were two other police cars with 5 police to attack me .for the crime I didnt do .they didnt waste anytime comming because I am an imigrant .they showed no respect for me as I was just in gown not dressed .he told me that he will raid my house just for delivery notes .when Navtej was killed they wasted 45 minutes to attend .this is law of New Zealand

  2. te2ataria said

    Let me offer you an appology on behalf of those animals who invaded your privacy.

    A lot worse things can and probably will happen in New Zealand! What are the chances that you could relocate to another country where they don’t despise the Asians, and where you could be physically safe?

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