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You Racist Evil Sc*mbags!

Posted by te2ataria on June 26, 2008

submitted by a reader

What Is This All About? Try illegal occupation of a country! Ruled by land thieves! Racism! Denial of the most basic human rights! Assault by paramilitary thugs serving as policemen! Systematic Court abuse! Sc*mbag judges …

It’s about four racist evil b*stards who assaulted a defenseless teenager, Rawiri Falwasser, now 20, with batons and pepper spray in a police cell in 2006. It’s about an apartheid system that found the four racist evil b*stards NOT guilty.

The gang of four “paramilitary” thugs [policemen] were acquitted by an all white jury. L-R Senior Constable Bruce Laing, Constable John Mills, Sergeant Erle Busby and Sergeant Keith Parsons in the dock during the 2008 trial. (Photo: NZHerald) Image may be subject to copyright. See NewZeelend Fair Use Notice!

  • The thugs’ lawyer Susan Hughes, QC, said the police officers were delighted. [Doesn’t it feel like winning the lottery!]
  • “There was only ever going to be one verdict and this was it,” she said. [To be sure!]
  • Mr Falwasser’s father, Charles, called the four police officers “vermin” but said he still believed in the justice system. [That’s a mature response, except for the belief in the colonial justice system bit!]
  • Rawiri Falwasser’s mother, Kihi, condemned the racist justice system: “It proves we live in a black-and-white world. … We are absolutely shocked and devastated by the decision but we’re not surprised. We had a white jury in there.” [That’s the whole truth!]
  • Victim’s eldest brother Tawhiao shouted “Murderers” and “Pigs” as he left the courtroom. [That’s a fair description. ]
  • Tawera Falwasser said when he visited the police station and asked how his brother’s head had been split, the answer from a smiling Senior Constable Bruce Laing was “with a baton.” [That demands a punishment with a baton!]

Mr Falwasser said he feared for his life and wrote “Jesus” in his blood on the cell walls to attract attention.

He suffered a five-centimeter gash on his head, a 6½-centimeter cut on his arm and bruising on his arms and legs from batons. He now suffered from post- traumatic stress.

The racist judge, Patrick Treston, declined media applications to publish police station CCTV footage of the assault. (Source)

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Our Brothers and Sisters must join hands together and express their revulsion against the blatant miscarriage of justice.

The Police Brutality Must NOT Go Unpunished!

13 Responses to “You Racist Evil Sc*mbags!”

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  2. peter Anderson said

    I am amazed that someone has not supported the police on this matter.
    If the person responible had done as he was requested to do none of this so called vicious attack would have happened.As the police regulations state any prisoner that is being put in a cell must be searched!! How would you react if your car had been stolen and the police let the prisoner go because he would not allow the officers to do what was required by the regulations.
    I notice that all feed back has been posted by Maori.

    [False statement/disinformation. Last paragraph of the message was edited out by Moderator:Te2ataria.]

  3. te2ataria said

    Your attitude speaks volumes about the total disregard for Maori human rights. If the victim freaked out because he was cornered by a gang of vicious thugs in a tiny police cell, or had a nervous breakdown, do you call for medical help or beat him to death?

    [Hint: the victim was Maori.] But you needn’t answer the question. It’s a matter of public knowledge how your depraved minds work down in the Sheepland.

    It has already been established that the judge and jury were white Europeans!

  4. My God said

    [Disinformation! Edited by Moderator: Te2Ataria.]

  5. asta said

    [Edited by blog Moderator Te2Ataria]

  6. te2ataria said

    If there was one iota of truth in your comment, I would have allowed it.
    Your money? How could anything on our land be yours.

    “In 1840,Maori owned 66,400,000 acres of land [Maori population stood at about 250,000.] …”

    “In 1852, Maori ownership of land reduced to 34,000,000 acres.
    In the 12 years since 1840 almost half of the Maori owned land had been lost.”

    “In 1891, Maori Land stood at 11,079,486 Acres [By the 1890s the Maori population had been decimated by the British settlers. In less than 50 years the Maori population was reduced from about 250,000 to less than 42,000.] …”

    ” By 1939, Maori land reduced to 4,028,903 acres.”

    So who is the thief? Maori, or Pakeha (the white settlers)?

  7. […] You Racist Evil Sc*mbags! […]

  8. AB said

    If Patrick Treston is racist why did he [edited as derogatory. TA]

  9. te2ataria said

    Are you seriously suggesting a straight, racially unprejudiced senior judge [who would stay at home on Wednesday afternoons] could thrive within a land-grab, apartheid, pseudo-military regime?

  10. Ben said

    please brother, I agree with you sincerely to the point where I believe that if Pakeha in NZ like myself don’t open our eyes and see this
    elite take over of corporate, Privately owned thugs is stopped NOW, both average pakeha and Maori alike are going to wake up strangers
    in the land our ancestors worked hard to create. Yes there are wrongs done by ignorant and even racist white people public in NZ and
    that attitude thank God is changing, but bro, I see and hear racist comments and attitude’s on the Maori side too. Our enemy is not each other.
    I am proud that I have been raised in this Maori land and Maori is part of me, part of who I am. But our enemy is corporate not color, It is
    lawful not legal and it is global not local. please join me in spreading the truth about this corrupt company named NEW ZEALAND and the
    corrupt private company named NZ POLICE and the Private court and private Prison system that all kiwi’s have been duped into serving.
    If the race card gets played the system will laugh at us all once more as we fight and hate each other while the private company mops up
    the young men and women that could have been the difference between free men on the land and/or slave citizens fighting the wrong enemy.
    If I have got you wrong please accept my sincere apology, I agree that some major change has to unfold in NZ I just fear the wrong people
    are going to pay the price while the real land grabbers are at a safe distance or are not even seen!
    Bless you Bro!

    Ordinary White Kiwi…

  11. Ben said

    PS, love your site

  12. te2ataria said

    We hear you loud and clear, bro.
    Maori generosity and their gestures of good will and sharing shall remain boundless.
    Don’t believe there are any irreconcilable differences between us.
    However, the key issue is to first recognise Maori sovereignty.
    Bless you. too, Bro!

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