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Another foreign student kidnapped, beaten and robbed in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on August 7, 2008

submitted by a reader

The Multi-billion Dollar ‘International Student’ Recruitment Racket

Another foreigner, this time a homestay student, was kidnapped, beaten and robbed by a group of men in Auckland, New Zealand. The teenage victim is believed to be a Japanese or Korean national.

Somehow news of the violence against foreigners in New Zealand fails to reach the visitors or parents who still send their teenage children to this country to study English(!) This is despite the fact that the foreign diplomats, who are supposed to protect the interest of their respective countries, are fully aware of the ongoing violence against foreigners visiting in New Zealand.

Lots of money to be made and no one’s looking!

“International students” recruitment racket (ISRR) is big business in New Zealand and staff of the foreign embassies have a big stake in the swindle. The total expenditure by all international students studying in New Zealand, including the expenses incurred by their families who visit their kids, is about NZ$2 billion each year.

Foreign students do NOT accidentally turn up halfway across the world to enroll in New Zealand schools to learn English [imagine speaking with the ridiculously incomprehensible New Zealand accent;] they are mercilessly recruited by “education agents” who have no concern for the students’ mental and physical safety, or general welfare. ISRR is extremely profitable. About 15 percent of all school fees paid by foreign students is claimed by those agents. Who are the agents? The so-called education attachés, diplomats, or their representatives at the foreign embassies in New Zealand.

Unsurprisingly, those foreign diplomats who profit from ISRR in New Zealand, would never kill the goose that keeps on laying the golden eggs. Instead of warning their governments about the inordinate violence and advising them against sending their nationals to New Zealand, they go out of their way to promote the “foreign relations” scam by way of the multi-billion dollar international student recruitment racket!

As for Saudi Arabian “students” who “study” in New Zealand, well that’s an entirely different anti-American ball game. [Coming soon!]

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