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The $64-trillion Question: What if Obama Wins?

Posted by te2ataria on August 24, 2008

“When push comes to shove …”

The following note submitted by “Victoria” [named changed,] a reader from Kenya, has been edited for brevity:

Dear Moderators – I’m a proud African. … My cousin, who is an American, her friend and I have all experienced extreme racial prejudice in New Zealand. … I am very alarmed by your recent article about the fate of my fellow countrywoman Dr Jeannette Adu-Bobie. … I have also read your page about anti American sentiment in New Zealand … which my cousin and her friends also confirm. … I have noted that the New Zealand ruling elite is moving ever closer to the Chinese regime politically, economically and “ideologically.” … believe that it’s only a matter of time before another world war breaks out over resources …

My questions:

1. Should New Zealanders be allowed to interfere in the US Presidential elections?

2. What would New Zealand do, if Senator Barack Obama wins presidency?

3. When push comes to shove in the coming resource war, how would you stop New Zealand from siding with its new solemate, China, and prevent it from supplying biological weapons to the Chinese regime to use against the United States?

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8 Responses to “The $64-trillion Question: What if Obama Wins?”

  1. te2ataria said

    Victoria – a colleague has forwarded a reply to the email address you provided.

  2. […] The $64-trillion Question: What if Obama Wins? […]

  3. […] The $64-trillion Question: What if Obama Wins? […]

  4. […] The $64-trillion Question: What if Obama Wins? […]

  5. Pat said

    The $64-trillion Question now is: What if Trump Wins?
    Here’s a reality check: If George W. Bush was a grade 9 psychopath [WWII characters including Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito… scored 10 ] on a scale of 10, Trump is a certified schizophrenic whose bedlamite whacko rating shoots off the charts. He is truly representative of the deranged and dangerous lunatics who vote for him.

    • gg said

      he’s an obvious link between zionazis and right-wing supremacists.

      • te2ataria said

        care to elaborate?

        • gg said

          He has the financial support of the Kushners, one of the nastiest zionist families in New York, while being backed by supremacist groups like KKK and others.

          His son-in-law, Jared Fakkite Kushner, is the eldest son of the nasty property thief and slumlord Charles Kushner, who was convicted in a federal court for a number of felonies including tax evasion and witness tampering, and was sentenced to two years in prison. He was humiliatingly dis-barred as an attorney after his conviction…

          Charles Kushner’s parents were… “Holocaust survivors” who came to America from Poland!!

          He donated $2.5 million to Harvard University, securing admissions for his sons Jared and Joshua…

          The Director of the school’s college preparatory program described the admission as being “an unusual choice for Harvard to make” given their modest academic abilities.

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