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New Zealanders Paid ONLY Half as Much as Australians

Posted by te2ataria on September 5, 2008

Google’s internal KGB has blocked this post – Sept 13, 2008.

submitted by a New Zealand reader

The dumb New Zealanders are regarded as half humans by their own government!

Having adjusted for exchange rate and cost of living difference, New Zealanders  pay is only about 49.7 per cent of Australians, according to the Council of Trade Unions.

“Migration to Australia is too high and solutions are not easy, but are certainly needed,” they said.

In the last 12 months more than 2 percent of New Zealand population migrated to Australia.

But the sheep staying in New Zealand deserve what they get. They are happy with their “sub-human” treatment, and so be it.

[The problem is a lot of them vent their frustration and anger by killing foreign visitors and murdering Asian residents!]

Just one question: Are the PM, Cabinet Minsters, Judges, senior Civil Servants and the Head of SIS also on Sheep’s salary?

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2 Responses to “New Zealanders Paid ONLY Half as Much as Australians”

  1. dianne said

    These New Zeelanders have no BACKBONE SNIVERLING MORONS accept
    the sheeps pay and say nothing. I have only been here for 8 weeks and can not wait to leave….companies treat staff like dogs and pay the minimum they can (African population in South Africa earn more and have more labour laws than this DUMP of a country) my husband worked for a company in Avondale we laugh at what he called the New Zeeland JOGG namely running back to your workspace teacup in hand…in the miserable 10 mins given.
    apartheid New Zealand is worse than south Africa.

  2. BF said

    Sucks to be mentally challenged in New Zealand too; people with Autism/Aspergers disorder are also bullied by the government and employers. I also know people who have Aspergers disorder like myself have the worst unemployment rates!

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