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New Zealand Doctor Missed the Giant Cyst

Posted by te2ataria on September 10, 2008

Google’s internal KGB has blocked this post – Sept 13, 2008.

A New Zealand woman whose doctor overlooked a malignant 14.7kg tumor is outraged the doctor has been granted permanent name suppression.

This Can Only Happen in the Sheep Farm!

The woman, a 44-year-old mother of three,  was later rushed to a hospital in severe pain and had a cyst four times the weight of an average newborn removed.  The cyst was cancerous and she needed an operation to remove her womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes to save her life.

“The doctor failed to diagnose the patient’s abdominal cyst when she visited him on several occasions,” and prescribed her weight-loss pills.

“I’ve lost my insides, but he’s still practicing,” she said.

The sick High Court in New Zealand decided yesterday to grant the doctor permanent name suppression, “overturning an order from the Human Rights Review Tribunal, which said the doctor’s desire for anonymity did not outweigh the public’s right to decide for themselves whether they wanted him to treat them,” reports said.

“The patient told The Press she felt ill the doctor concerned continued to treat patients who were unaware of the misconduct finding.”

“It sucks,” she said.

“If I go to any other business, I can see the certificate of registration on the wall. I can choose whether I deal with them or not. This doctor caused me pain and suffering, but no one can know.” More …

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