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South Korean tourist’s head chopped off with spade

Posted by te2ataria on October 14, 2008

Welcome to New Zealand: Our Psychos Work Hard with their spades to Keep New Zealand White for the European expats!

A New Zealander calmly described how he had chopped the South Korean tourist’s head off with a spade.

Shannon Brent Flewellen, 29, a former fisherman, from Nelson, New Zealand, and a 31-year-old former Westport man, have admitted to the murder of South Korean backpacker Jae Hyeon Kim in 2003.

Mr Kim was beheaded with a spade after he was throttled in late 2003. He was buried for five years before the police was forced to search for his body after they received an anonymous tip.

“A witness at this afternoon’s depositions hearing in Greymouth claimed that Flewellen confessed that he and his co-accused picked up an Asian hitchhiker on the West Coast Road and killed him.” A report said.

“Flewellin admitted he had put his boot on the hitchhiker’s neck and chopped his head off with a spade.”

“He was relaxed like he was telling us he had just changed his socks or something,” the witness said.

Kim arrived in New Zealand in February 2003, and disappeared without a trace in September 29, reports said. He was reported missing by his family in May 2004.

Jae Hyeon Kim’s mother and brother visit the burial site of her beheaded son

Jae Hyeon Kim’s mother, Leebun Kim, and brother Jaekyung Kim, are shown around the site of his burial by Detective Inspector John Winter, right, and Korean Embassy consul Key Sun Shin, left. A Victim Support worker looks on. Photo: Giles Brown. Image may be subject to copyright.

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