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Three more low-life scumbag New Zealanders surface!

Posted by te2ataria on October 21, 2008

A Nation of Psychopaths? Judge for Yourselves!

A Day Out Drowning Deer

Three New Zealanders killed a deer by leaping on her back and drowning her on Lake Okataina, near Rotorua, New Zealand.

Glen Colledge, 29, Rex Gotz, 28,  and Luke Taylor, 22, “skived off” work to go fishing on October 13.

Unable to catch a single fish, the three boneheads chased after a deer they spotted in a nearby bush and chased her into a lake and followed the frightened animal by boat.

One of the three scumbags “leapt off the boat and onto the deer,” which had hurt her legs when she escaped nto the lake, as a second scumbag put a rope around her neck.

“We just held it under for ages until we saw it wasn’t going to come up.”

The third scumbag joined in as they held the poor animal under water for about three minutes.

“While it was being held under, the deer was also scraping the skin off its damaged legs.”

“Mr Colledge admitted the deer was probably doing that because it was terrified.”

“But it wasn’t that bad a thing to do,” he said.

Mr Taylor, the third scumbag,  who described it as a “perfect day,” told the local newspaper how his adrenaline had started pumping as he jumped on the dying animal.

“It didn’t matter how, I just wanted to catch it.” Said the scumbag. (source)

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3 Responses to “Three more low-life scumbag New Zealanders surface!”

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