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Irish Tourist Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 26, 2008

1,429 Foreign Visitors Murdered/Killed in Poxy New Zealand Since January 1, 2000

Eoin Doran, 21, an Irish visitor, was the latest foreigner killed in New Zealand.

The un-authorities say he was killed while swimming in a river tributary to Lake Taupo with five others! The cause of death is unknown/unreported.

Here’s another tourist who leaves poxy New Zealand in a body bag—a cold, non-porous plastic bag measuring about 36 by 90 inches.

Mr Doran will leave poxy New Zealand in a body bag like the one featured in the photo.

According to a statistical model prepared by a colleague, Mr Eoin Doran may have been the 1,429th tourist who was murdered/killed in New Zealand since Jan 1, 2000.

While no amount of money would bring back a loved one, especially one who was killed so unnecessarily, Mr Doran’s family ought to sue NZ Tourism industry and all other parties involved for negligence, seeking maximum compensation and punitive damages.

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24 Responses to “Irish Tourist Killed in New Zealand”

  1. Laois Girl said

    [Ambiguous message. Edited by Moderator. TEAA]

  2. te2ataria said

    Ciara [If that’s your real name,]
    Are you saying that it was OK for Mr Doran to get killed in New Zealand, as opposed to someplace else [“because his time had come,”] or defending New Zealand for killing him [“because it’s the best place for a tourist to get killed?”] It just wasn’t clear from the comment what you actually meant.
    If you have a photo of Eoin Doran and can prove it’s genuine–not some silly prank–I’ll gladly post it on this blog. Moderator.]

  3. margaret. said

    Sadly this irish Tourist died by drowning not by murder ….his day was up and God called him we did not murder him it was a accident.. His day was up and that waas that . God rest his soul.

  4. te2ataria said


    The victim may or may not have been murdered. Neither of us, I suspect, witnessed his death throes.

    New Zealand is a tourist destination [hope not for much longer] where too many visitors are murdered or killed. [At least seven time more tourists are killed in New Zealand than in Australia. On a per capita basis, a visitor is 35 times more likely to be murdered in New Zealand than in Australia.]*

    When too many people die of unnatural causes/deaths in the same place, the word “accident,” no longer applies.

    Drowning is not a natural cause of death. It occurs when people are NOT warned adequately about the dangers, or left unsupervised in dangerous waters. [There are, of course, a few exceptions to this rule.]

    New Zealand government, tourist authorities, tour operators and private individuals who profit from tourism are negligent in 99% of all “accidental” deaths because they do NOT warn the foreign visitors about the dangers that await them in unfamiliar terrains.

    Look up:
    1. Corporate homicide
    2. Unlawful killing

    *[Australia has more than 5 times the population of New Zealand. 21.81 million : 4.31 million]

  5. 121 You Know said

    He drowned, have some respect, he wasn’t killed!

  6. Break said

    What a bunch of freaks…

  7. te2ataria said

    121 you know,

    See reply to Margaret above:


  8. Carla said

    This is absolutely sick, how could so many tourists get killed in one country. Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

  9. Sarah said

    Could you please take this post down or at least remove Mr Dorans name. What if his family saw this page and all you are talking about is him going home in a body bag. Sick !!!

  10. te2ataria said

    What part of this reality do you find disrespectful? What are you on about?

    Lets hope every Irish man and woman who plans to visit poxy New Zealand reads the post. It could save their lives!

    Mr Doran’s family have the right to know that they could sue the Crown and various New Zealand bodies for negligent homicide/corporate manslaughter/unlawful killing.

  11. Luthien said

    Thanks for highlighting the shocking fatality rate amongst visitors to New Zealand. Every murder, accidental death and death by misadventure is avoidable. Some one has to play tribute to these poor people.

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  13. e said


  14. e said

    Please remove the article

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  16. friend of the victim said

    [Comment rejected. Moderator]

  17. te2ataria said

    Your comment was rejected because

    1. Id and authority were invalid.
    2. Email address was bogus.

    If you work for NZ un-authorities [govt.], ministry of tourism, or are a tour operator, and can be positively IDed, your comment will be reconsidered for publication.

  18. friend of victim said

    dont publish it thas fine……….i wanted to remain totally anonymous but i will change the email address and no i do not work for any new zealand body…….iv never even been to new zealand or the southern hemisphere for that matter. I dont care if u publish my comment or not but for god sake listen to me and please leave his memory and his family alone. i dont care about yer debate as to whether or not new zealand is responsible for the deaths of so many right now and i know that may sound harsh but im not worried at the minute!i just care that u leave eoins memory out of it and also let his family and friends grieve peacefully without ever having to see the name of their son,brother,nephew,cousin,grandson n friend beng dragged through this. he was a lovely guy with loads of friends and a big extended family so if i can stumble across this accidently then likelihood is so will someone else.everyone has been through enough already so just drop it ok. print what ya like bout new zealand and that but please remove his name

  19. te2ataria said

    I’m even less convinced than before that you are a friend of the victim because you don’t seem at all interested in finding out how he actually died. Was it really an accident?

    Far from being logical, your appeal to remove his name isn’t appropriately ’emotional.’ Contrary to what you say, I believe the victim’s family and friends and everyone else have a right to know exactly what happened. And so does anyone else who might be planning to visit NZ from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Canada, U.S. … Yemen or Zimbabwe should read and learn from this post.

    Eoin Doran’s death has been widely reported; I can’t see how this blog could hurt anyone’s feeling. Furthermore, if his family read this post/blog and learned about the visitor’s death toll, they may want to consider suing the Crown, NZ Tourism, or the individual(s) that may have contributed to their son’s death. That information is not provided by any other media.

  20. friend of victim said

    [Repetitive! Comment rejected.]

  21. N said

    [Unreasonable request! Comment rejected by Moderator.]

  22. N said

    [Unreasonable request! Comment rejected.]

  23. friend of victim said

    RIP Eoin….ul be sadly missed by all camross’s loss is heavens gain!xxxxx

  24. Wanker said

    [Unintelligent comment. Disallowed!]

    [Wanker, your name and your comments are pretty dumb!]

  25. Bill Dollar said

    [what kind of dollar are you bill? Moderator]

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