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Why Was Japanese Mountain Guide Left to Die

Posted by te2ataria on December 6, 2008

Japanese mountain guide was left to die, another climber barely saved

Kiyoshi Ikenouchi, 49,a mountain guide from Tokyo was left to die on Mt Cook for the following reasons:

1. Ikenouchi did not have  a concession and the parties involved whose interests were threatened decided to make an example of him.

[Note: The average cost of concession for a 6-day hike is about NZ$4,000 per person, and an estimated quarter of a million people visit Mt Cook National Park each year. In short, its big business!]

“The police area commander for Mid-South Canterbury, Inspector Dave Gaskin, said neither climber had a concession to be guiding in the area.” Local media reported.

“That’s the thought-pattern at the moment, but we can’t confirm that has happened. At the moment, we’re just treating it as two climbers climbing together,” Gaskin said.

“Obviously, they didn’t have any guiding concessions so they weren’t allowed to guide in the park.

“If he is guiding, which we cannot confirm and it would be irresponsible to even suggest it, what he would be doing would be illegal guiding, and that happens all the time.”

2. A Japanese subject, he was a “colored” tourist and therefor expendable. [See contents of this blog for details of the inordinate number of foreigners who have been murdered in New Zealand.]

3. Mr Ikenouchi was reportedly the 69th climber, and the seventh Japanese, known to have died on Mt Cook. Japanese  are always up for  a challenge. They would  go to any length to prove themselves.  The death of yet another fellow Japanese climber would make Mt cook a “must climb” mountain for all other Japanese climbers—a most effective advertising gimmick for attracting new visitors to poxy New Zealand.

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Afghani Taxidriver Murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on December 6, 2008

New Zealand’s war on “colored” people!

Afghani man, 39, was murdered by stabbing in Christchurch, poxy New Zealand

New Zealand: A “Colored” People’s Slaughterhouse

Father of five Afghani murder victim Abdulrahman Ikhtiari was described by colleagues  as a “lovely guy” and  “a peaceful man.”

Abdulrahman Ikhtiari’s chances of survival  in Afghanistan:  > 99.9875% [greater than than 8,000 to 1]

His chances of survival in New Zealand: YOU work it out!

“One worker in the industry who did not want to be named, said the driver would not have been antagonizing or provoking the people who stabbed him.”

Pandemic of Murder: New Zealand holds the world record for the murder of “colored” [and foreign] visitors/ workers.

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