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Spaniard Murdered by New Zealand Police

Posted by te2ataria on December 22, 2008

Spanish blood in New Zealand is mainly shed in the plane police cells!

New Zealand police murdered a Spaniard who was taken into custody at the Whakatane police station.

Francisco Javier De Larratea Soler, 43, was beaten viciously by at least three police scumbags [officers] between 11.30am and 5.20pm on Friday until his life was taken away from him in the police station.

The victims had lived in the Bay of Plenty [of murders] for a long period and had no police records. The scumbag police commander of Eastern Bay of Plenty says Mr De Larratea Soler was highly intoxicated when they picked him up at 11.30am on Friday.

“Police had nearly completed the investigation into the death and were satisfied the correct policy and procedures were followed, said [the scumbag commander.]”

Among most recent deaths while in custody were

  • Josen Tofia Mataia, 32, on remand at the jail near Rockhampton, was murdered by 6 prison guards. Inmates “saw the prisoner being dragged along by between four and six officers in an inappropriate restraint position.”
  • Anna Selina Kingi, 41, who was in custody awaiting sentencing at the Hamilton District Court was murdered by the police. The police autopsy report said she suffered a “heart attack!” Source.

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