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He tīmatanga hou

Posted by te2ataria on January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

To All Our Brothers and Sisters:

May 2009 be a fruitful year for you and your iwi!

And may Mata Ariki watch over you and your land!

As for the perfidious pakeha:

May this year be a fateful year for you and your progeny.  And may your fears grow endlessly!

Here’s a piece of advice for you: GO HOME!

6 Responses to “He tīmatanga hou”

  1. Linali said

    This is a disturbingly racist post, huh.

    Tarring an entire race with the same brush, and you’re judging other people?

    • te2ataria said

      I didn’t create the system; pakeha’s mix of British colonialism and apartheid has.

      Show me a pakeha whose ancestors did NOT murder or rape my ancestors, didn’t steal my land, or one who has since returned one inch of the stolen land to me or my brothers/sisters, and I’ll nominate him/her for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Linali said

    I’m not saying what the ancestors did was right, but is it fair to blame the all the pakeha of today for the crimes of their fathers? They don’t all think the same way.

    • te2ataria said

      “all the pakeha of today” perpetuate what their ancestors did yesterday by holding on to stolen property. Show me one pakeha of today who has gone against the grain of pakeha nature and returned one acre of stolen land to Maori and they’ll get an honorable mention on this blog.

  3. Mollie said

    [Holier-than-thou attitude. Comment rejected.TEAA]

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