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Swedish police inspector killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 1, 2009

Every death in New Zealand should be treated as murder, unless proven otherwise!

New Zealand Killing Fields: 2009 Season Starts

Goran Oskarsson, 50, a Swedish police inspector, was killed this morning. His wife was flown to Waikato Hospital with broken bones and head injuries; his three teenage children were also taken to hospital, reportedly with less serious injuries.

According to a report, “the campervan driven by 50-year-old Goran Oskarsson left the road at the intersection of state highways 47 and 48, near the central North Island settlement of National Park.

“He appeared to have been unable to make a left hand turn at the intersection, and skidded across SH 47 before rolling down a 20m bank into a small creek, said Sergeant Marc Clausen.” [The nincompoop NZ police sergeant wants you to believe the Swedes  don’t teach their police inspectors how to make a left hand turn at intersections!]

The Swedish authorities owe it to their police force and family and friends of the victim to thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading to their colleague’s tragic death.

The Swedish authorities are also reminded that one of a handful of “specialties” taught to the New Zealand SIS is how to make an assassination job look like a road accident.

According to our statistical model, Mr Oskarsson was the 1,446th foreign tourist killed in New Zealand since January 1st 2000.

We sincerely hope and pray the victim’s wife and kids won’t join the statistics.

The New Zealand police’s and Coroners’ reports  are NOT worth the paper they are written on!

To establish the real cause, the death of each visitor in New Zealand must be investigated by NON-NZ independent experts.

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