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What happened to this woman?

Posted by te2ataria on January 2, 2009

Is Irina Yun Alive or Dead?

She wrote on her blog: I’m 36 today and life is great! 🙂

Photo: Irina Yun. © All rights reserved.

Ms Yun, a Korean, was raised in Kazakhstan. She lived in Moscow before immigrating to New Zealand.

She left her four-year-old daughter in Auckland and traveled alone to the South Island on Christmas Day. Her backpack was found in the Mount Aspiring National Park on Monday [January 5, 2009.]

There’s something not quite right about this story. This is cloak and dagger stuff and stinks of SIS assassination games.

Every death in New Zealand should be treated as murder, unless proven otherwise!

The New Zealand police’s and Coroners’ reports  are NOT worth the paper they are written on!

To establish the real cause, the death [disappearance] of each visitor in New Zealand must be investigated by NON-NZ independent experts.

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6 Responses to “What happened to this woman?”

  1. te2ataria said

    The following is a note from an individual who says he is a friend of Irina Yun, and wishes to remain anonymous.
    To Search and Rescue coordinator Sergeant Aaron Nicholson:
    Do NOT suspend the search; do NOT make any excuses about the weather; do NOT rest until you find Irina.

    [Content edited by moderator.]

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  3. te2ataria said

    [Without a DNA test? They must have had their confirmation from the govt. or NZ SIS. Moderator.]

    Russian woman’s remains found
    By MICHAEL FIELD – Stuff.co.nz

    Police have found the remains of a Russian migrant who disappeared while tramping 11 months ago in the Southern Alps.

    An extensive search was made for Irina Yun, 36.

    The Auckland resident went missing on December 31 while attempting to tramp the difficult Cascade Saddle track from Mt Aspiring Hut in the West Matukituki Valley, to the Dart Hut on the Dart River.

    Her tramping pack was found but no sign of her.

    Police say a search and rescue dog handler from Oxford, Dave Krehic returned to the area on last week and conducted a private search with his dog Stig.

    They subsequently located a femur and pelvis bone in the river bed wedged in between some rocks approximately three kilometres down stream of the Dart Hut.

    The Dunedin Coroner, an anthropologist and pathologist have examined the remains and have been able to confirm that the remains are that of Ms Yun.

    Her next of kin have been advised.
    Copyright details at: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3079959/Russian-womans-remains-found

  4. […] What happened to this woman? […]

  5. sarah said

    are you contributers from nz? this website is laughable. youve got a major chip on your shoulder & nobodies taking this shit seriously. [expletives removed by moderator ]

    • te2ataria said

      dear sarah – the word you’re looking for is “contributors,” spelled with an “o” NOT an “e”. And yes, we are from nz, unfortunately.
      Normally, when people don’t take this site seriously, they don’t bother to write in and compound their mental pain and agony.

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