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NZ Road Kills: Who is Telling the Truth?

Posted by te2ataria on January 4, 2009

NZ’s Road Toll for 2008 was 557, NOT 359

According to the perfidious pakeha’s  Ministry of Transport, the road toll for 2008 was 359.

However, our govt employee whistleblower says the true figure was at least 557 fatalities. Our expert statistician confirms the larger fatality figure of 557, and so does the holiday road toll.

Dead people tell lots of tales!

At least 16 people died on the roads in the Christmas holiday period 2007 which ended at 6am January 3, 2008 [At least 7 more than the previous year.]

The death toll for 2008-2009 holiday season, which will end tomorrow morning, stands at at least 21 [reported] fatalities so far. This figure is already 31% higher than last year’s, and counting.

Taking the holiday season as a representative sample, it’s clear that our whistleblower friend as well as our expert statistician are telling the truth, as  the Ministry of Transport charlatans continue cooking the numbers.

[January 5, 2009] UPDATE : The road fatalities for the holiday season were 24 reported deaths, an increase of 50% on last year’s reported 16 deaths.

[January 9, 2009] UPDATE : Holiday road toll continues to rise- now 25 dead. [Another 30 or so fatalities were reported during the holiday period, including death by drowning. ]

[January 15, 2009] UPDATE : The holiday road toll now stands at 26, after a man died on Friday from injuries sustained during the holiday period. [NZPA]

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Zionist New Zealand Happy with Gaza Massacre

Posted by te2ataria on January 4, 2009

Submitted by a reader:

New Zealand and Israel: Zionist and Illegitimate States

New Zealand and Israel have more in common than they both having jewish governments:

Firstly, they are both Zionist sates.
Secondly, both governments are illegitimate states.
Thirdly, they are both murderous states.
Fourthly, they are illegally occupying other peoples’ lands.

Here is what News Talx ZB said:

Jewish community supports Israel


The Jewish community in New Zealand is confident Israel’s increased military action against Hamas is appropriate. Israel today stepped up its attack on the Gaza Strip with a ground offensive.

Former president of the Jewish Council, Wendy Ross, says Israel has suffered since it pulled out of Gaza three years ago. She says while the loss of life is tragic, Israel cannot continue to tolerate the ongoing rocket fire from Hamas .

Ms Ross says peace will not come as long as Hamas controls Gaza.
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Surprise, Surprise!

NZ Zionist Govt rejects Gaza crisis criticism

New Zealand’s  Zionist Government says the Green Party’s criticism of their handling of the crisis in the Gaza strip is unwarranted.

Israel unleashed a massive bombardment following the end of a six-month ceasefire on December 19, aimed at weakening Hamas and in response to persistent rocket fire from the enclave.

Israeli rockets have targeted government buildings, mosques, universities, police stations and other civilian buildings in the deadliest conflict in Gaza in four decades. …

Yesterday Green Party MP Keith Locke called on the Government to issue a response to Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip, following the deaths of more than 400 Palestinians and four Israelis. More…

About 500 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and up to 3,000 others injured.

Poor Mr Locke! At best, he is naive; at worst, he is playing good cop, bad cop, while making a name for himself.

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