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I’d Say YOU Have A Big Problem

Posted by te2ataria on January 8, 2009

submitted by a reader

If your 3-yo is bitten in the face because s/he provoked a dog by pulling on its testicles, and you are angry why the dog wasn’t destroyed, I’d say you have a serious cultural problem.

WOUNDED SON: Sam Stevens with her son Caine, who spent three days in Waikato Hospital with dog-bite injuries. Photo: IAIN McGREGOR/Waikato Times. Image may be protected by copyright.

Pakeha top the world’s list of animal abusers. If you insist that their murderous impulses, pathological hatred for self and others, and cruelty to animals are not due to a genetic misprint, or a result of feeding on toxic New Zealand food and living in a chemically-compromised environment, then they must be the fruits of cultural heredity.

Note the stud-covered face of the kid’s mum. Is there an inch of skin available for other functions? I hate to think what else she might have sewn to other parts of her ample body. Note also the poor kid’s distant, get-you-when-I-grow-up  stare!

“Animal control staff believed the dog had acted in its own defense, and after assessing its behavior and ‘completely clean record’ they decided it did not need to be put down.The investigation also revealed the child had been involved in two previous incidents of alleged animal cruelty.”

Read the story here.

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