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Are New Zealand Visitors “Bloody Stupid?”

Posted by te2ataria on January 13, 2009

submitted by a reader

They must be “bloody stupid” because they are committing ecocide by visiting New Zealand!

But don’t call them “bloody stupid” when you are in gross breach of a RELEVANT DUTY OF CARE to protect them!

You can’t call the visitors “bloody stupid” because they are curious.

In the latest tragic, but avoidable incident two young brothers lost their lives when large blocks of ice fell on them as they approached the terminal face of Fox Glacier to take photographs.

Were they “bloody stupid?” Hardly. The elder of two Australian brothers, Ashish Miranda, 24, was an aerospace engineer who worked for Boeing. The younger brother, Akshay, 22, studied engineering at Monash University in Australia and was due to finish his studies this year.

Not only the two Australian brothers were not “bloody stupid,” despite their Indian ancestry [as the supremacist police constable Le Sueur would want you to believe,] they were clearly individuals with above average intelligence.

Who is responsible for the homicides?

The deaths of the Miranda brothers was a clear case of corporate manslaughter; more particularly, it was government-assisted corporate homicide.  By definition, it was a gross breach of a RELEVANT DUTY OF CARE owed by the organization/corporation/government to the deceased.

New Zealand’s conservation Minister, Tim Groser, said it was a “tragedy of almost unimaginable proportions [for the parents] to lose both sons in one tragedy.” Fox Glacier Guiding chief executive Rob Jewell said tourists “get seduced by the glacier and want to get up closer.”

Tim Groser and Rob Jewell, as well as the tourism authority  in New Zealand, must take full responsibility for the homicides because they breached their ‘relevant duty of care’ by failing to have the appropriate safety procedures in place that would have prevented the avoidable double tragedy.

Had the Miranda brothers not visited Fox Glacier, in all probability, they would have been still alive today!

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