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Chilean tourist lucky to be alive!

Posted by te2ataria on January 14, 2009

Hitch a ride with a New Zealander and you’d be risking your life.

How a Chilean tourist was nearly killed hitching a ride with New Zealanders

A 23-year-old Chilean tourist suffered multiple injuries after being dragged about 100 meters behind a car in Nelson, New Zealand.

Two men tried to drive off with the tourist’s luggage, after they had offered him a ride to a flea hostel. However, “he felt uncomfortable about the situation and asked to be let out of the car.” A report said.

As he was lifting his pack out of the boot, the driver drove off pulling him along the road as he hung on to his backpack.

Lifesaving advice to the tourists:

If you are “bloody stupid” enough to visist New Zealand, don’t hitch a ride with new Zealanders!

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