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Best News of the Day for the Environment!

Posted by te2ataria on January 18, 2009

sent by a reader

Good News! The number of flights to and from New Zealand are shrinking!

Air NZ pilots face demotion, pay cut

Original Story by Tony Wall  – Sunday Star Times – Sunday, 18 January 2009


Air New Zealand plane flown on second-generation biofuel. Original Photo: Guardian UK. Image may be subject to copyright.

More than 30 senior Air New Zealand pilots flying the airline’s largest jets face demotion to smaller aircraft and reduced pay as the company looks for ways to avoid large-scale redundancies in the difficult economic climate.

The Sunday Star-Times reported that 32 pilots currently flying 747s, 777s and 767s on long-haul routes will be “down-trained” [readers will excuse the pun!] That is to say,  they will fly toy aircraft on domestic routes and have their pay and rank cut [It’s not known whether their homes will be confiscated, too!]

Air New Zealand has about 850 jet pilots [every Tom, Dick and Harry who was previously a pig-farmer,] half of which fly long-haul routes.

Air New Zealand is also offering pilots alternative roles within the company, [shoot yourself in the head,] leave without pay, flexible flying arrangements and enhanced retirement packages [with this option you get to keep their wife, too!]

“According to a government career advice website, pilots who fly internationally earn up to $250,000.” [The pilots working for Colombian drug cartels don’t make that much money!]

According to an  Air New Zealand spokeswoman the “down-training” resulted from an 8% reduction in long-haul capacity due to the world economic downturn. [Is that all?]

Among the long-haul services Air New Zealand cut last year were flights to Japan and Hong Kong from New Zealand. [That’s very reassuring, indeed!]

“We have not made any pilots redundant and remain committed to maintaining a workforce of highly skilled and trained professionals to ensure the airline is quickly able to adapt to changing market conditions,” she said. [They can always fly each other to the South of France, of course!]

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4 Responses to “Best News of the Day for the Environment!”

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  2. […] Best News of the Day for the Environment! […]

  3. […] Best News of the Day for the Environment! […]

  4. […] Best News of the Day for the Environment! […]

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