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New Zealand bus driver kills Albanian teen

Posted by te2ataria on February 9, 2009

New Zealand bus driver failed to avoid hitting Albanian refugee, Leonida Gashi, 18. Her body was dragged for 400 meters before he stopped.

Ms Gashi died in an Auckland Hospital a few hours later. Her family members were considering taking her body back to Kosovo, media reported.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/4842061a11.html

“Ms Gashi moved to New Zealand from Albania with her parents and two elder brothers as refugees in 2000.”

Clearly, where the incompetent Serbian assassins failed, a New Zealand bus driver easily succeeded.

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8 Responses to “New Zealand bus driver kills Albanian teen”

  1. Kiwi ignoramus said

    So, did the bus driver trip her up or something?

    He must be the most amazing multitasker if so.

    Seems like an accidental death to me……..tragic yes, but accidental.

    RIP Leonida

    • te2ataria said

      There are two facts:

      1. The bus driver failed to avoid hitting the victim. [Bus drivers throughout the world brake or swerve to avoid killing pedestrians.]
      2. He failed to stop after hitting the victim. [Bus drivers in all other countries stop after hitting a pedestrian, rather than having their victim’s body dragged for a quarter of a mile under their vehicle.]

  2. Daniel said

    [GIGO. Edited by Moderator.]

  3. Adam said

    R.I.P. Leonida you poor thing u shouldnt had died now or like this .

  4. rM said

    [Awaiting clarification. Moderator.]

    I think this is a tragedy. Her funeral was so sad. RIP Leonida


    • te2ataria said

      rM – Is your account hearsay or did you actually witness the incident? If you’re an eyewitness [you can convince me by providing a detailed description of what exactly happened using a sketch of the area where the incident occurred,] I’ll gladly publish your comment.]

  5. claire said

    omg this was sooooooo sad. she’s going to be missed by lots of people. especially her friends

  6. shirley said

    [It’s probably just you! Moderator K. ]

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