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Korean national fighting for his life in NZ hospital

Posted by te2ataria on February 17, 2009

Once again the criminally incompetent New Zealand police farce escalate a stolen car incident into a tragedy for an Asian.

A 24-year-old Korean national is undergoing surgery after he was hit by a stolen car during a police chase in Auckland early today. His condition is described as “critical.”

The driver of stolen car who was a tall pakeha [European land thieves in ‘New Zealand’] reportedly abandoned the car shortly after the collision.

So here we go again. Fresh after shooting one of our brothers in cold blood just days ago, the criminally incompetent brownheaded New Zealand police farce end up with a dying Korean, a wrecked car and a failed arrest attempt.

How far dos the stupid police think the stolen car could have gone? Why couldn’t the nincompoops quietly follow the stolen car and arrest the thief after he stopped? Someone ought to tell the criminally incompetent New Zealand police that you can’t drive a car to Australia on a tankful of gas (!)

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/4850259a11.html

Every death in New Zealand should be regarded as murder, unless proven otherwise!

[Note: As far-fetched as it may sound, there’s a possibility that the whole incident was staged by New Zealand’s secret police assassins.]

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5 Responses to “Korean national fighting for his life in NZ hospital”

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  2. te2ataria said

    “A South Korean student critically ill after being hit by a stolen car during a police chase in central Auckland had been due to fly home today.

    “The student, who had been in New Zealand for only six weeks, was in a critical condition in Auckland Hospital last night while police scoured the city for the driver of the stolen vehicle.

    “The South Korean embassy is organising emergency passports for the man’s parents and sister so they can join him in New Zealand.

    Consul Key-Sun Shin said the 24-year-old student, whom he would name only as Mr Choi, had been in New Zealand studying English at Otago University. “He was due to fly home tomorrow.”

  3. te2ataria said

    Moderator says:
    The South Korean embassy/consular officials in New Zealand have the duty to inform their government concerning the welfare of their nationals.

    The S. Korean embassy/consular officials must
    1. Inform the S. Korean media and the public concerning the cases of murder, rape, kidnap, beatings and all other mistreatment of of S. Korean Nationals in New Zealand.

    2. Take legal steps to prosecute the New Zealand police for causing this latest tragic but preventable incident.

    3. Instruct the S. Korean government to lodge a formal protest with “New Zealand government” concerning the mistreatment of its nationals.

  4. Steve jacobs said

    [Incoherent message. Edited. TEAA]

    [Had the words come out of your mouth via your tiny brain, instead of shooting out of the other opening in your anatomy, you’d have invited an answer.]

  5. te2ataria said

    The Korean student critically wounded in a hit-and-run during a police chase is expected to be “severely disadvantaged”, police say.

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