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Korean national fighting for his life in NZ hospital

Posted by te2ataria on February 17, 2009

Once again the criminally incompetent New Zealand police farce escalate a stolen car incident into a tragedy for an Asian.

A 24-year-old Korean national is undergoing surgery after he was hit by a stolen car during a police chase in Auckland early today. His condition is described as “critical.”

The driver of stolen car who was a tall pakeha [European land thieves in ‘New Zealand’] reportedly abandoned the car shortly after the collision.

So here we go again. Fresh after shooting one of our brothers in cold blood just days ago, the criminally incompetent brownheaded New Zealand police farce end up with a dying Korean, a wrecked car and a failed arrest attempt.

How far dos the stupid police think the stolen car could have gone? Why couldn’t the nincompoops quietly follow the stolen car and arrest the thief after he stopped? Someone ought to tell the criminally incompetent New Zealand police that you can’t drive a car to Australia on a tankful of gas (!)

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/4850259a11.html

Every death in New Zealand should be regarded as murder, unless proven otherwise!

[Note: As far-fetched as it may sound, there’s a possibility that the whole incident was staged by New Zealand’s secret police assassins.]

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They hate Americans, especially the ‘fat,’ ‘ugly’ ones!

Posted by te2ataria on February 16, 2009

‘No black b*stards, NO ragheads, NO fat American women!’

Obese American woman has residency rejected

An American woman who weighs 135kg has been refused residency in New Zealand because of her ‘weight and health.’

The American woman had taken steps to lose weight since making her application with her husband and two-year-old son and had reportedly lost 24.5kg, however, her  BMI had only dropped by 6 percent to 47.

One of my pakeha neighbors weighs probably twice as much as the US woman, and her stomach flab walks about a meter in front of her, but no one would send her back to northern Europe, where she came from.

“Immigration New Zealand (INZ) turned down their application for residence on account of the woman’s unacceptable standard of health.”

The Residence Review Board has just thrown out their appeal. The family doesn’t know how lucky they are, but that’s beside the point. The NZ Immigration officials are discriminating against them because they are Americans.

“While the unnamed couple did not have job offers and indeed had no connection with the country, they scored well on other aspects of their application.” Media reports said.

“The husband was a butcher with an Arts degree and culinary qualification, and the wife who had business qualifications also had 17 year’s experience in design.”

“‘INZ concluded that although the couple “had the potential to have a relatively significant contribution to New Zealand through their skills and experience, it was not compelling enough to outweigh the potential cost (the wife) was likely to impose on the NZ health service’, the board said.”

Consequently, the INZ rejected the couple’s appeal.

Had the couple been Europeans, of course, they would have been granted a waiver without any problem.

“A medical assessor said there was a relatively high probability that the wife would cost the health service more than the threshold $25,000 over the next four years.”

“She said her diabetes was manageable and said that the amount spent controlling the disease was only $1090 a year, so it would take 23 years to hit the $25,000 cut-off point.”  Source: 3News/NZPA

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Skydiving in NZ may cost Swedish tourist his life

Posted by te2ataria on February 16, 2009

Another Swedish tourist lands in a New Zealand hospital fighting for his life

A Swedish tourist sustained serious facial injuries during a skydive attempt and is now fighting for his life in a poxy hospital in New Zealand

The 26-year-old who was clearly unfit/unprepared for the occasion was encouraged to do his first solo skydive at Skydive Abel Tasman in Motueka, New Zealand.

The ambulance driver [who must presumably be an expert skydiver himself with a similar experience] said the tourist became unconscious during the descent and landed on his face.

As with the unsafe rental vehicles in New Zealand, equipment failure is a strong possibility in this tragic incident.

We hope the victim will recover from this unfortunate but preventable incident to tell all other would be tourists in Sweden NOT to attempt New Zealand tourist deathtraps.

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New Zeland Endemic Violence Exceeds All Records

Posted by te2ataria on February 15, 2009

New Zealand is the only place in the world where, for the loose change in your pocket, your home or hotel room could be invaded by masked, baseball bat wielding pakeha, who would attempt to kill or seriously injure you!

Wellington home invaders use bat in attack

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Three masked men broke into a man’s home and allegedly assaulted him with a softball bat in Wellington last night, police say.

The 44-year-old man had been asleep in bed in his flat on Ohiro Rd, in suburban Brooklyn, where he lived alone when the men entered his room about 11.15pm, Detective Sergeant John van den Heuvel said.

“They burst in, attacked him with the bat and demanded his money.”

The were not in the house long before running off with a small amount of cash and other personal items, Mr van den Heuvel said.

The victim rang an ambulance and was taken to Wellington Hospital, where he remains.

He suffered a fractured arm, suspected fractured ribs and bruising to his upper body. His injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

The man was “exhausted”, but was holding up well, Mr van den Heuvel said.

The offenders were described as Caucasian [pakeha] in their late teens or early 20s.

Police had not yet spoken with the victim at length and planned to talk to him again tomorrow morning.

“Hopefully he will be in better shape to talk to us then.”

Police wanted anyone with information to contact them.

NZPA – © Fairfax New Zealand Limited 2007.

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New Zealand: Suppressive Third World

Posted by te2ataria on February 14, 2009

Less than 1 percent of the population in poxy ‘New Zealand’ own the lion’s share of everything!

Unsurprisingly, most of the super rich live outside poxy New Zealand. They wouldn’t chance the heavy metal poisoning, or other biochemical risk of living in the country.

More food parcels being distributed

14/02/2009 11:16:25

The number of people unable to make ends meet is rising.

Figures released by the Salvation Army show that in the last three months of 2008, almost 7,000 families received food parcels.

Spokesman Major Campbell Roberts says in comparison with 2007, there has been a 38 percent jump in the number of families in need. He says the numbers suggest low income families are having trouble budgeting from week to week.

At the moment the Salvation Army can support people in need and is still receiving plenty of community contributions. However, Mr Roberts is expecting a growth in demand as the country heads deeper into recession.

“In some senses, the recession hasn’t really impacted on employment too much in New Zealand yet and if the numbers that are predicted occur, this situation which we have now, which is already deteriorating, will become much worse.”

Mr Roberts says contributions are still coming in and for now the Salvation Army can cope. Copyright author or respective news agency.

1. ‘Poverty Measurement Project (1995), conducted by reputable academics and researchers, found that 32.6 percent of children [and by extension their families] in New Zealand live below a poverty threshold of 60 percent of the median disposable income.’

2. ‘The incidence of poverty is more than two and a half times greater among Maori,’ however, ‘than it is among Pakeha [European] families.’
www.crin.org/docs/resources/ treaties/crc.14/NZ_Long_NGO_Report.pdf

[And times have gotten a lot worse since the above data was release.]

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NZ SIS: Toilet Spying Addicts

Posted by te2ataria on February 13, 2009

Story and titles suggested by a reader

The New Zealand [sic] Security [sic] Intelligence [sic]  Service [sic] – a  disgrace even by the depraved pakeha ‘standard’

Addicted to toilet spying, SIS are the same people who instead of preventing the bombing of Rainbow Warrior by their French bedfellows, provided material support  to ensure sinking of the protest boat.

According to the media, Green MP Keith Locke, 64, “recently applied to have his top-secret security file released under the SIS’s policy of greater openness and found he had been spied on from the age of 11.”

“His parents, Elsie and Jack Locke, were well-known communists and he had been covertly photographed, his private work with constituents had been tracked, and the SIS monitored him as recently as 2006.”

In a SIS-inspired [if not dictated] Editorial, Timaru Herald [who?] writes: “The truth is that New Zealand is not East Germany in 1960, and the SIS is not the Stasi.” Adding that:  “On the storm-in-a-teacup scale this one rates as a force 10 cyclone. Mr Locke’s hysteria is misplaced.”

The ZioNazi Editorial writer then recommends that his SIS file should remain open, as it is. “Its existence will not bring our democratic [sic] system crashing down, or hinder Mr Locke’s work.”  http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaruherald/4843690a6573.html

The Editorial is right about one thing, the SIS is not the Stasi; the brownheads are much worse than even the Stasi!

Since Mr Locke is a member of the so called parliament and in that capacity he works in the interests of his constituents, it makes you wonder which foreign entity’s interests the SIS toilet spies are serving.

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Pakeha begins to crack up!

Posted by te2ataria on February 10, 2009

Blog Moderator Receives a Death Threat

Warning: the following death threat should be viewed only by a mature audience.

Violent messages and death threats like the one below are usually edited. However, to demonstrate the genetic violence with which the psychopathic pakeha (foreign land thieves in “New Zealand”)  are afflicted, the Moderator decided to publish the content. Clearly, both the name, and the email address provided by the coward are fake. The coward’s chosen alias for the Moderator is  ‘John Turner.’]

The following message is indicative of pakeha’s true feelings for the rest of us: Maori, Polynesians, Asians, [even the Irish,] … the ‘black,’ ‘brown,’ ‘yellow’  and all other ‘colored’ races!

Original message:



1. The IP address from which the message originated is recorded.
2. The nincompoop pakeha misspelled ‘preferably’ as ‘Prefearbly,’ which is how the brownheads pronounce ‘preferably.’


To John Turner:

Die painfully okay? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a
garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a
pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach
sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped
out of their sockets. Fucking bitch

I would love to kick you hard in the face, breaking it. Then I’d cut
your stomach open with a chainsaw, exposing your intestines. Then I’d
cut your windpipe in two with a boxcutter. Then I’d tie you to the
back of a pickup truck, and drag you, until your useless fucking
corpse was torn to a million fucking useless, bloody, and gory pieces.

Hopefully you’ll get what’s coming to you. Fucking bitch

I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It’d be hilarious to see you
begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head,
leaving you to die in horrible, agonizing pain. *beep*

Shut the *beep* up f aggot, before you get your face bashed in and cut
to ribbons, and your throat slit.

You’re dead if I ever meet you in real life, f ucker. I’ll f ucking
kill you.

I would love to f ucking send your f ucking useless ass to the
hospital in intensive care, fighting for your worthless life.


I wish you a truly painful, bloody, gory, and agonizing death, *beep*

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New Zealand bus driver kills Albanian teen

Posted by te2ataria on February 9, 2009

New Zealand bus driver failed to avoid hitting Albanian refugee, Leonida Gashi, 18. Her body was dragged for 400 meters before he stopped.

Ms Gashi died in an Auckland Hospital a few hours later. Her family members were considering taking her body back to Kosovo, media reported.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/4842061a11.html

“Ms Gashi moved to New Zealand from Albania with her parents and two elder brothers as refugees in 2000.”

Clearly, where the incompetent Serbian assassins failed, a New Zealand bus driver easily succeeded.

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Welcome to New Zealand police farce!

Posted by te2ataria on February 9, 2009

A psycho? Murderer? Rapist? Wife-beater? Ex-military? Pimp? Thug? Pusher? Scumbag? pedophile?

Welcome to New Zealand police farce! You’re just the individual we’re looking for. We’ll grant you a whitewash and graduation with honors

A police recruit who assaulted two colleagues in a Wellington bar was allowed to graduate with a blemish-free record. (Source)

“The man denied the offending, but an internal investigation into the incident, completed after he had graduated from the police college and had been placed in South Auckland, found him guilty of common assault a charge punishable by up to six months in prison or a $4000 fine.

“It is understood no criminal charges were laid.

“The information comes to light as another former recruit remains stood down on full pay awaiting trial, accused of raping a woman he met on the internet, two weeks into his police training.

“Police were unable [!] to say how many recruits had been investigated for disgraceful conduct in the past few years, but The Dominion Post knows of three other investigations in 2006 alone, including one accused of a domestic-related burglary and another man convicted of assaulting another recruit with a bottle while socialising in the police bar.”

“Police Minister Judith Collins declined to comment.” Read more…

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Another News Blackout in NewZ Errand

Posted by te2ataria on February 9, 2009

For the Record:

The Blog Moderator and Contributors believe another News Blackout concerning the exact number of foreigners that are being killed, raped, assaulted and robbed in New Zealand is currently in place.

See also:

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New Zealand Lamb Week

Posted by te2ataria on February 6, 2009

Submitted by a reader

Why did 63 percent of all British households abstained from eating New Zealand lamb in 2008?

Because they are smarter than the other 37 percent who consumed the tainted meat.

  • New  Zealand exported about 100,000 tonnes of lamb to the UK last year, which was 44 percent of NZ lamb sold to EU countries, and constituted 32 percent share of the British retail lamb market.
  • In 2008, 20 percent of New Zealand’s total sheepmeat exports went to the UK; about 37 percent of all British households bought New Zealand lamb.
  • EU buys45 percent of New Zealand sheepmeat exports (425,000 tonnes) and accounts for 62 percent of its earnings from export lambs.
  • New Zealand exports about 1.1 million metric tons of lamb, mutton, veal and beef each year (and perhaps as much in processed meat products).

Spiderlamb … this New Zealand six-day-old lamb has three extra limbs and uses five to walk on, it is also a hermaphrodite and has part of its bowel missing.

A seven-legged lamb was born in New Zealand. Is there a link between the mutant lamb and hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic chemicals dumped in New Zealand? It’s high time for New Zealand government to tell the truth and reveal the exact locations of their chemical dumps, especially the areas where they have buried thousands of tons of “leftover” Agent Orange! [Source: FEWW]

Agent Orange was manufactured in New Zealand from about 1962 until 1987. Dioxin has a 30-year envelop and its effects would continue to poison the people and environment until at least 2017.

Why consuming New Zealand meat products is abhorrent, detestable, immoral and  a crime against nature

1. Committing Eco-Terrorism – Dead Zones

The pressure in New Zealand to produce food for export has turned the country into a giant sewage dump. “Hundreds of millions of tons of agricultural waste and farm runoffs are discharged into the lakes and coastal waters, and millions of tons of methane gas are released to the environment each year.” Extensive dead zones regularly appear off the coasts of New Zealand. Both  NZ and Australia are major sources of industrial agriculture as well as sheep and cattle factory farming. “New Zealand cattle and sheep also produce methane emissions equivalent to 33 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

New Zealand is the size of Colorado yet it hosts up to 94 million farm animals (livestock excluding poultry), which discharge an estimated 300 million tons of effluent to the environment each year. New Zealand’s intensive animal industries produce about 4 times more manure than they could safely use as fertilizer. [The leftover is discharged or washed off into NZ coastal waters.] An excerpt from: Truth About ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ Advertising Campaign

Quotes from: FEWW and PRO

2. Committing Eco-Terrorism – Climate Change

Shipping Millions of tons of meat and meat products around the world has its consequences. It helps accelerates the climate change and reduces the chances of human survival. (The author is aware of the false calculation—pathetic excuses—made by Lincoln ‘University’ concerning the carbon footprint of their export meat).

3. Healthy Eating

New Zealand lamb is reportedly grass-fed. The soil in many areas of the country is contaminated with heavy metals, lethal chemicals and carcinogenic agents like dioxin. Let’s hope consuming NZ meat is not your idea of healthy eating. “Young people in the 10 to 14-year age group were more likely to die of cancer and a range of diseases which afflict various sites and systems of the body (nervous system, sense organs and endocrine system).” New Zealand Statistics reported. A direct relationship between the poisoned food and young deaths cannot be ruled out.

“Unsustainable industrial and farming activities [have resulted] in chemical contamination of soil, air and water. Arsenic, copper, DDT, dieldrin and lead are the lethal legacy of decades of unsustainable agriculture. Successive governments have advocated for the use of toxic pesticides in New Zealand. [Administrator] Officials assured New Zealanders these pesticides were safe, even in the face of evidence that showed otherwise. Some persistent pesticides, like endosulphan, are still allowed, creating the contaminated sites of the future.” ~ Green Party of Aotearoa NZ

A former top official for the manufacturers has confirmed that the leftover Agent Orange was buried in secret toxic waste dumps: “We bulldozed big pits and dumped thousands of tonnes of chemicals there.” http://www.safe2use.com/ca-ipm/01-05-05.htm

4. Food Hygiene

Food hygiene is non-existent in New Zealand. The country  has the lowest levels of food hygiene and safety in the industrialized countries. [See Health Warnings for more information. TEAA]

Green Part of NZ recently reported:

Much of New Zealand food is “contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and viruses as a result of over-crowded factory farming conditions and unhygienic processing plants.”

“New Zealand has the highest rates of Campylobacter food poisoning in the developed world, nearly 3 times higher than the next highest countries, England and Wales, and 10 times higher than America and Canada.”

“An extraordinary 75,000 New Zealanders [nearly 2 percent of their population] are affected by Campylobacter food poisoning every year.” [See report highlights.]

5. Cruelty to Animals

New Zealand lamb reaches your dining table only after the poor animals have been routinely abused and tortured, before they are finally put out of their misery and slaughtered. There have been numerous reports of lamb and sheep, among other farm animals, being sexually assaulted by New Zealanders. See also Cruel Wool from Barbaric New Zealand.

6. Economic Treason

NOT eating locally? Consuming produce that has traveled halfway across the world to reach your table? Make no mistake. You are committing economic treason against your country. What sort of citizen destroys her own farming, retailing …  thus jeopardizing her countries  economic security?

To British consumers:

By buying New Zealand meat (and other products from that country, or other distant countries) you are committing not only a double act of eco-terrorism against our planet, but multiple acts of economic treason against your fellow Britons (and other EU citizens).

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NZ Visitor Health Alert No. 25 – Raw Sewage Contamination

Posted by te2ataria on February 3, 2009

NZ Visitor Health Alert # 25
Raw Sewage Contamination

Large amounts of raw sewage was discharged into Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour after a power cut.

Vistors are advised not to consume food and water that may have originated from the area. Visitors are also advised people to keep away from any sewerage overflows, and to avoid swimming near to St Helliers Bay and Okahu Bay until further notice.

Do NOT collect any shellfish from harbors, bays and beaches in the Auckland area.

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Fonterra: Guilty of Murder!

Posted by te2ataria on February 1, 2009

The Chinese are still victimized by colonial New Zealand

Screw turns on Fonterra to come clean

By DEIDRE MUSSEN – Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 01 February 2009

Calls are mounting for Fonterra to release documents at the centre of the melamine baby milk scandal in China, with a New Zealand legal expert rubbishing the dairy giant’s claims it could not release the information for legal reasons.

[Even in their own country, China, women and children are unprotected against pakeha malevolence.]

A Chinese mother, whose baby died from drinking tainted milk, holds a sign reading “Give me back my baby” outside Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court, Hebei province January 22, 2009. Families hit by China’s toxic milk scandal demanded revenge, compensation and plain answers on Thursday as they awaited the sentencing of company executives accused of wrongdoing. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA).
Image may be subject to copyright.

Sanlu chairwoman Tian Wenhau last week said she allowed melamine to be added to its infant milk formula on the advice of its New Zealand shareholder. Fonterra has confirmed it gave her a document about Europe’s safe limits of melamine in food, but said it made it clear zero was the only acceptable melamine level.

Tian’s lawyer, Liu XinWei, told the Sunday Star-Times from China he was unable to release the Fonterra documents because they were with the Chinese courts, but confirmed they showed Europe’s highest permissible level of melamine in food was 30mg/kg.

He said Tian, who was sentenced to life in prison after she was found guilty on December 31 of producing and selling false or substandard products, told the court she allowed up to 15mg/kg of melamine in milk on the basis of Fonterra’s information after August 1 last year. That was the date Sanlu, in which Fonterra had a 43% stake, discovered melamine was the contaminant making Chinese babies die or become sick.

Fonterra learned of the contamination the following day, but Sanlu stopped producing milk only on September 12, despite Fonterra’s push for a recall of all its milk. According to Chinese media reports, the Fonterra document was given to Sanlu on August 13.

Wellington media lawyer Steven Price, a law lecturer at Victoria University, said he knew of no legal reasons preventing information about a case in China from being revealed in New Zealand and called for Fonterra to release the documents, doubting it would affect Tian’s appeal.

“Our sub judice laws do not stop Fonterra here from releasing documents because it might prejudice the case. It seems a bit self-serving by them.

“It’s conceivable that they might not want to release them. Had these documents contained a very clear document saying that zero tolerance was allowed, would they be so reluctant to release them?”

He said if Tian appealed her conviction, it would not be considered by a jury so publication of any documents would not affect her case.

Give back their babies Mr Andrew Ferrier, or do the honorable thing!

[At least] Six babies died and [many] more than 290,000 were seriously harmed by drinking the contaminated milk. Sanlu and 21 other dairy companies had offered 200,000 yuan ($57,000) for families whose children died, 30,000 yuan ($9000) for serious cases such as kidney stones and acute kidney failure, and 2000 yuan ($600) for less severe cases.

Chinese parents whose children died from drinking tainted milk, hold signs reading “Give me back my baby. Demand judicial fairness” outside Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court, Hebei province January 22, 2009. Families hit by China’s toxic milk scandal demanded revenge, compensation and plain answers on Thursday as they awaited the sentencing of company executives accused of wrongdoing. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA). Image may be subject to copyright.

According to China’s Oriental Morning Post newspaper, 11 victims plan to lodge legal action in Chinese courts to sue Sanlu and Fonterra over the melamine tragedy.

University of Canterbury political science senior lecturer Dr Anne-Marie Brady, a specialist in Chinese politics, questioned the dairy giant’s motives in giving Sanlu information about safe melamine guidelines in Europe when the company would have already known the melamine contamination was malicious because of extremely high levels detected.

“[Tian] is taking the blame for a large number of people,” she said.

Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier told a press conference last week the document on European melamine levels had been given to Tian by a Fonterra director on Sanlu but the company made it clear to Sanlu that zero melamine was the only acceptable level. Fonterra would not answer further questions from the Star-Times.

According to its website, the European Food Safety Authority provisionally recommended in July 2007 that a tolerable daily limit of melamine from food for humans and domestic animals was 0.5mg/kg body weight per day, based on figures from the Scientific Committee of Food (SFA). A specific migration rate of melamine from plastic of 30mg/kg of food was agreed on by the SFA, assuming the maximum food eaten was 1kg for a 60kg person. Screw turns on Fonterra to come clean –  http://www.stuff.co.nz/4834852a11.html – Copyright author or respective news agency.

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