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pakeha Antisocial Gene

Posted by te2ataria on March 3, 2009

submitted by a reader

Is it the birds? Is it the planes? No, it’s probably an antisocial gene!

Four-year-old pakeha drink alcohol, while  9-yos use cannabis, new study says.

“The study of 12,000 young people, led by Canterbury researchers, found the onset of drinking ‘goes up very steeply from age 12,’ while many were smoking cannabis by 15.” media reported.

“The study’s Christchurch-based lead author, Dr Elisabeth Wells, of Otago University, said it was obvious New Zealand’s youth were getting caught up in an overall culture of binge drinking.”

“The study, published in the international Drug and Alcohol Review journal, found one in 10 New Zealanders has tried LSD or glue and two out of five have tried cannabis.”

“A lot of 14-year-olds report to us that they are regularly drinking.” Full story is posted at  http://www.stuff.co.nz/4865753a11.html

Meanwhile the un-authorities are burying their tiny heads in the sand as methamphetamine addiction takes the poxy country by storm.

Eggs, rubbish, vomit and feces were thrown during the party

Photo:Otago Daily Times via NZherald. Image may be subject to copyright. About 2000 drunken participants and onlookers at the Otago University Students Association annual toga parade smashed shop and car windows and hurled rubbish,
Eggs, vomit and feces in Dunedin’s main street February 25, 2009.

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6 Responses to “pakeha Antisocial Gene”

  1. EB said

    Can’t believe the booze and drug use here. One classmate of a mumfriend’s 6-yr-old brought a gin and tonic in a bottle, one of those ready to go mixed drinks, in her lunchbox one day. Not a drink “using the bottle”. Was an actual gin and tonic. Kid was drinking them at home, had blossoms on her face. The mumfriend reported it to the teacher, teacher refused to believe her. Some time later a child several years older than that brought some P to that same school, and I know a mum with a child in middle school and a big group of middle school students, like 12 of them, sit openly at the rear of the school sports field smoking dope on their lunch hour, like a picnic. One left a baggie behind right on top of a desk in one of his classes. No one takes it seriously. This is a highly-rated school in a wealthy area, too. The things that go on in the poor schools is even worse.

  2. B.S. said

    [Get your facts right, and you’ll be allowed to comment on this blog.]

  3. mark mitchell said

    i knew 2 teenagers and also 2 friends of my daughters that died of alcohol poisoning within 2 months.all were drinking alco pop ready rtds,the drinks of choice are 8 and 12 per cent alcohol content.if these deaths are the ones that i heard about from within our range of scope,i wonder how many others died within those 2 months.is there anyone collecting statistics for these

    • te2ataria said

      It’s sad to hear that. Teenagers ought to have more chances of survival in the 21st century.
      If anyone is collecting the stats, we’d be prepared to publish them.

  4. micky said

    These events were all planned in advance by the students association – the OUSA.

    The Univeristy of Otago collects $11 million dollars a year in OUSA fees on students – which go straight onto ‘student loans’ – so the country pays! Yup – you and I pay for this!

    Now, the OUSA only costs $2.2 million a year to run (by their last budget!) … the remaining money is pocketed by the University of Otagos ‘Financial Services Division’.

    These are the same people that funded $150 million of the Dunedin City Councils new controversial Stadium.

    What are government funded universities doing wheeling and dealing like banks with taxpayers money? Is it happening elsewhere? Who is in charge? That’s a man called John Patrick.

    You will notice that this riot occurred at the same time that large quantities of money were transferred.

    Co-incidence? I think not.

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