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Another American Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on March 23, 2009

The female student killed in New Zealand last week was an American


Celia Kelly RIP – another avoidable tragedy in New Zealand steals a loved one from her family and friends.

Celia Kelly, 22, a University of Washington Student vacationing in New Zealand was killed and three others were seriously injured in a head-on collision on State Highway 1 at Maroa, 20km north of Taupo on March 15, 2009.

Two of the other victims who were seriously injured according to the initial report, and whose fates are unknown at this time, were named as UW Students Marie Salmi and Jessica Gowen.

There was no mention of the 21-year-old driver who was critically injured in the accident, according to the initial report.

Unsurprisingly, the names and details of the victims have not yet been released by New Zealand [advertising] media.This goes beyond the traditional pakeha hatred for the Americans.

It’s to do with the News Blackout in the country, which was ordered by the Prime Minister, and which still remains strongly in place. It must be a sad day for the press in New Zealand if they are not allowed to even broadcast the news of an American student being killed in a car collision.

Our hearts go to the family and friends of the Celia Kelly. The Moderator and blog contributors also pray for the full and speedy recovery of the other three students, if in fact they are still alive, namely Marie Salmi and Jessica Gowen, and the driver of the car whose name has not been released.

Death and Injury Compensation

Unfortunately, no amount of money could bring back their loved one, or compensate for the severe trauma, the physical and mental scars, that the other victims have suffered. However, Celia Kelly’s family is  advised to demand full compensation for the death of their loved one. They should sue all of the parties that were directly or indirectly responsible for her death [do not settle for less than NZ$50 million] for the tragic loss of their beloved daughter. [Try a reputable attorney who specializes in ‘wrongful deaths,’ and sue in the United States, if possible.] The families of Marie Salmi, Jessica Gowen and the fourth victim who is unnamed are also advised to sue for the largest amount of compensation possible. This is not about money; it is about the damage to the lives of so many who have to deal with the tragic loss. It is a means of forcing the uncaring authorities to take action to prevent so many avoidable road deaths [as well as murders, rapes and violent assaults on tourists.] It’s a way of stopping the same awful tragedy from happening to other unsuspecting foreign visitors in New Zealand, again and again.

An estimated 95 percent of all rental cars in New Zealand are defective or otherwise unroadworthy. The roads in New Zealand are deathtraps: They are defective in design, poorly signposted and unsuitable for driving. Too many local drivers are unqualified to drive, or drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  New Zealand police, themselves responsible for numerous fatal accidents, do little or nothing to ensure reasonable road safety. More foreign visitors are killed on the roads [or violently murdered] in New Zealand than in any other country with the exception of Iraq.

Please read the contents of this blog, including the brief entry at  Death Compensation for more information. Be sure to read the following entries:

News of  how tragically Celia Kelly was killed in New Zealand as released by King5.com

UW student dies in New Zealand crash

12:32 PM PDT on Sunday, March 22, 2009


SEATTLE – A University of Washington oceanography major died in a head-on collision in New Zealand last week.

Family members say Celia Kelly, 22, was in the back seat of a Toyota when the accident happened.

UW Students Marie Salmi and Jessica Gowen were hurt in the accident.

The students were vacationing in New Zealand after finishing a research trip east of New Zealand, aboard UW’s R/V Thomas V. Thompson. Kelly was researching where iron in the ocean comes from.

“Celia was very passionate. She’s passionate about many things but oceanography was her number one,” said Kelly’s cousin, Sheena Brown.

Oceanography may have been her passion,  but Celia Kelly’s heart was always with her friends and family.

“We all just look at her Facebook page and pictures of her and pictures of her and remember how she would want to be laid to rest,” said Brown.

Brown says the family is extremely close and is devastated by the loss, but she says she takes comfort in knowing that “she was doing what she loved so I don’t think she has any regrets.”

Kelly was a long-time volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium, which will be the site of her memorial service on Thursday evening. Copyright TONYA MOSLEY / KING 5 News.

Celia Kelly’s love for the ocean began with a marine-science class at Garfield High School and grew through more than 800 hours volunteering as a teen naturalist at the Seattle Aquarium.

Ms. Kelly is survived by her parents, Joshua and Joan Kelly; her sister, Melissa Kelly; and grandmother Katherine Bailey, all of the Seattle area; and grandparents Robert and Teresa Kelly, of Sumner.

A celebration of Ms. Kelly’s life will at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Seattle Aquarium, 1483 Alaskan Way. A memorial fund in her name has been established with Washington Mutual. Contributions may be made at any WaMu location. Nick Perry of  Seattle Times reported.

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