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SIS threatens NZ Security, Herlock Olmes Says

Posted by te2ataria on April 1, 2009

sent by Herlock Olmes in Palmerston North

NZ faces security threats, SIS says
SIS threatens NZ Security, Herlock Olmes

SIS:  Piss artists, conmen, bullshitters, shysters, but terrorists and assassins

On the day that Obama Administration renounced the fictitious “War on Terror” term, the evil assassins at NZ SIS are renewing the lie. “War on Terror” is too lucrative a business for the military-security-industrial shysters who dispatch the SIS spooks to  spy on ordinary people [in their toilets.]

NZ Security Intelligence Service’s motto: with malice aforethought!

In their annual report [sic] the spooks say: “New Zealand continually faces threats from espionage, sabotage, subversion and terrorism, the Security Intelligence Service says in its annual report”, said the media.

“The consequences of ‘realised threats’ could include death, injury, very substantial property damage, compromise of government and private sector information and intellectual property”.

They allege there were 25 domestic interception warrants in force, 14 of which were issued in the 12 months to June 2008, with the other 11 being issued in the previous year.

How would you find out if there were a shred of truth [sic] to their lies and false allegations? You would look for evidence, of course, names of real people, addresses, details of operations, field reports …


“The report for the year to June 2008, tabled in Parliament today, gives no details of the threats the country faces or where they come from.”

But they say:

“The information obtained materially contributed to the detection of activities prejudicial to security.”

How very convenient, indeed!

OK, James Bond, which one(s) of you helped the French “intelligence” bomb the Rainbow Warrior?

Know a few people who have the answers, you know!

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