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Air NZ Slaves Have NO Right to Equal Pay

Posted by te2ataria on April 2, 2009

sent by an angry reader

How dare they, the flight crew, asking for more money?

Air New Zealand suspends crew, resulting in the cancellation of a Christchurch to Sydney flight.

“The incident is the latest in an ongoing pay dispute between the airline and the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU), which represents cabin crew members of Zeal, the company that supplies Air New Zealand with cabin crew for its A320 services on Pacific and trans-Tasman routes.” NZ Herald from hell said.

Air New Zealand income belongs to the shareholders and top management; not the frigging sky waitresses who wear wigs and funny underwear.

If we wanted to pay a fair wage to all of those manual workers why would we need to set up Zeal?

Get real you bitches, you don’t deserve a penny more.

Group general manager short haul airlines Bruce Parton should put all of those ungrateful dogs by the wall and shoot them with an airgun.


Come to think of it, this was an ‘even’ day!

“If you really have to fly because your life depends on it [sic,] and if you are flying an Airbus, then fly on odd days of the month because the Airbus is statistically twice as likely to crash on even days!”

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Foreign Workers Can F*ck Off

Posted by te2ataria on April 2, 2009

pakeha Sense of Fair play:

Filipinos should have been sent home, not Kiwis

Skilled Filipino workers have no rights (despite their permission to work ) to jobs that incompetent pakeha can’t do [or words to that effect.] —Johanathan Coleman the Broadcasting  Mini-ester, Immigration Mini-ester, Health Associate Mini-ester, and Tourism Associate Mini-ester.

johanathan-coleman-immigration-mini-ester The Zionazi Johanathan Coleman the Broadcasting  Mini-ester, Immigration Mini-ester, Health Associate Mini-ester, and Tourism Associate Mini-ester

[Note: the Israel First blue tie is compulsory in the Beehive.]

Six Skilled foreign workers on work visas who kept their jobs because their incompetent New Zealand colleagues were made redundant can no longer do the work of the axed staff.

Immigration Mini-ester Johanathan Coleman asked Immigration New Zealand to move the goalposts so that the Filipino workers can no longer work despite being legally entitled to work in New Zealand.

“MCK Metals chief executive Pramod Khatri said nine workers from the Philippines were hired in October 2007 to do specialised aluminium welding and polishing when the firm was unable to get skilled New Zealand workers to fill the vacancies.” A report said.

“I would like to think that this decision sends a strong message to all employers. At a time of growing unemployment, immigration and labour authorities must be vigilant in ensuring that temporary work permits are only issued to address genuine skills shortages,” Johanathan Coleman said.

“New Plymouth man Stephen Bovett took his case to the Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union, Immigration NZ and Dr Coleman after he was made redundant two weeks before Christmas.” The report said.

“I am furious about this. I have a mortgage and two young children. MCK has taken jobs off local Taranaki people while keeping migrants on,” Mr Bovett said.

[What right do colored people have to keeping their homes, or having young children?]

“When the jobs went, the Filipinos were the ones that should have been sent home, not Kiwis,” he said.


[Better still, why not do the Korean spade special on the colored workers?]

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