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Two Foreign Doctors Quit New Zealand Hospital

Posted by te2ataria on April 3, 2009

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Doctors Christian Kratz and Mwe Chao quit Wellington hospital after only six months

Husband-and-wife team,  consultant pediatric oncologists, who arrived from Germany with their family in October, have now decided to call it a day.

You can imagine the trauma that they and their family must have suffered.

“An international recruitment search was under way to find suitable specialists to fill the permanent positions.” A report said.

It’s difficult to see how intelligent doctors could stay in New Zealand for any period of time, especially if they are ‘colored’ or have a young family.

“Child Cancer Foundation central region chairman John Robson said Drs Chao and Kratz had provided excellent treatment …”

Dr Chao was not prepared to discuss why they were quitting, but said she and her husband were “really sorry it’s not working out”.

Thank you, Dr Chao, and good luck with your family and career. Better late than never! You may have just saved your and your family members’ lives.

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4 Responses to “Two Foreign Doctors Quit New Zealand Hospital”

  1. whiteboardmarker said


    “We are left with the impression that this service was doomed from the start.”

    The previous team left as well.

    The resignations last year of the previous specialists, Liz Hesketh and Anne Mitchell, were provoked by similar problems and “should have alerted the board to a climate of malaise”.

    • te2ataria said

      That’s what the media tell you. But both you and I know the truth.

      Besides, smart Europeans have far better places to live and things to do than expose themselves and their families to a litany of hazards in this country.

  2. Beth said

    Thanks for the post.

  3. knowledgeable said

    Great blog you have here. Bless you!

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