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Decent mum denounced for white supremacy concern

Posted by te2ataria on April 4, 2009

The more you stir the pakeha scum pot, the more worms surface

Previously you read how the fat pakeha were training their little b*stards to be white supremacist scumbags.

A pakeh [European land thieves] radio announcer has since denounced a student’s mother for complaining about a Wanaka school’s ‘white supremacy’-themed after-ball party.

“Wayne Johnson urged listeners to “run [Shelley] Mitchell out of town,” on his Radio Wanaka breakfast show, yesterday morning. ” A report said.

Shelley Mitchell who had contacted media and the principal of Mount Aspiring College complaining about the “White Supremacy” name given to the party, had asked not to be identified.

“Ms Mitchell said she would lodge a complaint with the broadcasting authority about Mr Johnson’s comments.

“Her daughter, Lisa (17), had been verbally abused by pupils and had left school early, after Radio Wanaka identified Ms Mitchell as the complainant.”


The Moderator believes both Wayne Johnson, the radio announcer, and the School principal Wayne Bosley should be fired.

In fact, Mount Aspiring College should be razed to the ground and the white supremacist scumbags returned to their toilet of origin.

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