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British MPs, binge-CO2 pollution and NZ call girls

Posted by te2ataria on April 5, 2009

sent by a local rocket scientist

British MPs, binge-CO2 pollution and “high-class” call girls

Seven &^%$#@ British MPs spent £70,000 ($NZ180,000) of the UK taxpayers money on binge-CO2 pollution flying to New Zealand to investigate binge-drinking in this country.

The members of the Commons Health Committee, clearly no affiliation with the Common Sense Committee, flew business-class to Auckland, then on to Wellington to find out how New Zealand’s health service coped with binge drinkers, Britain’s Mail on Sunday reported.

The MPs spent up to five nights in expensive hotels, and at least two of them arranged for “high-class” call girls to meet them in their hotel rooms, according to an informed source who revealed this information on the condition of anonymity. “The committee was given approval to travel to New Zealand as part of an inquiry into patient safety in the national health system.” The report said.

“But their brief was broadened to look at how alcohol and binge-drinking affected people’s health and the national health service.”

Presumably, their brief also included a study of paid sex addiction, but they forgot to mention it!

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Corruption in the Legal System

Posted by te2ataria on April 5, 2009

sent by a former farmer

Pigs at the Trough: Fattening on Taxpayers Money

New Zealand legal system (like its UK parent) is among the most corrupt legal systems in the world.


  1. Auckland barrister  Charl Hirschfeld: $2.32m
  2. Law practice Kensington  Swan: $2.06m
  3. Law practice  Rainey Collins: $1.66m
  4. Wellington barrister  Sonja Cooper: $1.53m
  5. Auckland law practice  Tamaki Legal: $1.27m


Justice [sic] Minister Simon Powell has announced a legal aid review last week, with a view to investigate the financial threshold for legal aid qualification.

“The purpose is to consider how the system can best be structured so it delivers effective legal services to those who need them most, in a way that is cost-effective and sustainable.” Powell said.

[Note: “those who need them most” are the establishment lawyers. ]

What’s this move for? This review is intended to reduce ordinary people’s [and ordinary lawyers’] entitlement to legal aid, and would not in any way affect the establishment-approved law firms lion’s share of the ‘free money.’

To ensure the review would achieve the intended results, Dame Margaret Bazley, who headed the commission of inquiry into police rapes in 2007, will chair the review team.

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