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Reaping the Fruits of Treachery

Posted by te2ataria on April 7, 2009

sent by a reader in Auckland

Jobs for Life

New Zealand politicians for their treachery get a lot more than a few miserly pieces of silver; they get guaranteed jobs for life.

The latest news about Michael Cullen, former Labour Party deputy leader and our finance minister for nearly a decade, is particularly disturbing. He’s joining the New Zealand Post board, whose chairman is non other than ex-Prime Minister Jim Bolger.

This news comes amid revelations that the unemployment rate, despite the Treasury’s previous assurances, would exceed the “worst-case scenario of 7.2 per cent,” with an additional 60,000 people losing their job by 2010.

Could they also join the New Zealand Post board, please?

Why the bloody hell not?

Don Brash, Chris Moller and Paula Rebstock  will also join the boards of State Owned Enterprises, it was announced today.

“SOE Minister Simon Power appointed Rebstock, who recently stepped down as chairwoman of the Commerce Commission, as deputy chairwoman of the New Zealand Railways Corporation, owner of KiwiRail and Ontrack.” Stuff NZ said.

“Chris Moller, NZX director, formerly deputy chief executive of Fonterra and ex-New Zealand Rugby Union CEO, is joining the Meridian Energy board.  Deutsche Bank CEO Brett Shepherd, subject to due diligence, joins him.”

Don Brash, former National Party leader and Reserve Bank governor (1988 – 2003) will  soon become one of the highest paid directors of Transpower, the nation’s electrical grid operator.

“Joan Withers, who is stepping down as Fairfax New Zealand CEO [Fairfax is the owner of Stuff.co.nz]  in June and was formerly a Meridian Energy director, is joining the Mighty River power board.  Her appointment is subject to due diligence. The Warehouse chairman Keith Smith is also joining the Mighty River board.

“SOEs have recently come under attack by the government, with SOE minister Simon Power, finance minister Bill English and Prime Minister John Key publically criticising some SOEs for producing poor returns on investment.”

Meanwhile, Internal Affairs Minister Richard Worth, who would have been history by now in any other country slightly more democratic than Morroco or Saudi Arabia, to name but two,  announced that retiring National Party president Judy Kirk would be appointed as chairwoman of the Lotteries Commission.

The $3.5million dollar [hint, hint] question now is: What would happen to “Puffy” [Judith Collins,] when she retires/resigns/forced to quit her job as the Police Minister. And last, but by no means least only a timely hear attack could deprive the “Fat Bastard” [who runs the police farce] of a multimillionaire lifestyle.

And while we are at it, for all of you cabal watchers out there, the corrupt New Zealand politics crosses our borders going all the way to New York and the United Nations.

How could you tell that?

Well now, let’s see!  Ms. Helen Clark, our former PM, was appointed to the board of “UN Lottery” joining as the boss of its cash-rich United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with a budget of about NZ$10billion and having virtually no books to cook or anyone to answer to.

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