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New Zealand Murders Another Indian

Posted by te2ataria on April 8, 2009

In New Zealand a Minor Accident Can Get an Indian Killed

Bio O’Brien, 27, an Auckland student whose car was involved in a “very, very minor” accident with a van got off his BMW and punched the driver in the head.

The victim, Jasmatbhai Patel,  a 78-year-old Indian  grandfather, received critical brain injuries and was subsequently put into an induced coma at Auckland Hospital, yesterday.

Police  said Mr Patel died in the hospital at 1.30pm this afternoon. Poor Jasmatbhai Patel! He didn’t stand a chance.

One of his grandsons said: “We are all a quiet family. We get on with our lives and our jobs. It has come as a shock. He did not deserve this.”

O’Brien comes from the Pacific island Funafuti, capital of the Tuvalu group. He moved to New Zealand last year as a student, but the sum of all that pakeha has ever taught him adds up to one thing: Violence.

Mr Patel was yet another victim of a culture of extreme violence in New Zealand created by pakeha.

Source:  Elderly driver is murdered  after a minor accident

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4 Responses to “New Zealand Murders Another Indian”

  1. […] We get upon with a lives as well as a jobs . It has come as a shock. See a rest here:  New Zealand Murders Another Indian « Apartheid New Zealand Filed under: Jobs, News, Recruitment Tags: almost-vacation-like-, elderly, hospital, […]

  2. Anthony said

    [I didn’t understand your comment. Send an intelligent message, and you may pass the criteria for being heard. Moderator.]

  3. kefe lala said

    Mr Patel was yet another victim of a culture of extreme violence in New Zealand.

  4. John said

    [Govt Disinformation. Content removed. TEAA]

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