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A Typical Easter Weekend in Poxyland

Posted by te2ataria on April 13, 2009

Girl, 13, stalked and raped

Girl, 13, stalked and raped in Auckland in broad daylight. She begged a woman motorist for help  shortly before she was raped at the weekend. “The girl approached a woman filling her car at the station and begged for help, but the woman told her to keep away from the man and drove off.”


We didn’t hear of  up to 8 other rapes because

  • They remain unreported
  • Victims were intimidated by the police to drop complaint
  • Rape complaints dismissed as trivial by the police
  • Not reported by Poxyland media

Easter holiday road toll [true figure] will probably reach 14


Woman bashed during robbery at the Shell service station in Ngaruawahia


Teen, 15, charged over school fire


Driver in hospital after vicious road rage attack


Four [most probably foreign tourists] hospitalized after jet boat accident


Invercargill BP service station robbed


Man goes on drunken rampage in Dunedin


Men arrested after Hastings burglary


[Note: Statistically, the above incidents represent about 15 % of the serious crimes that will have occured in New Zealand Poxyland this holiday weekend. The rest of the crimes remain unreported because: IT IS BAD FOR BUSINESS!]

One More Killed at Hunua Falls

A man believed to be a foreign visitor was killed after falling from the top of Hunua Falls in South Auckland.

Police Infector Barry Smelley said the man was killed at 4.15pm this afternoon, but refused to give details of his fall or his identity.


Tauranga teen serious

A Tauranga teenager is in serious condition in Tauranga Hospital after a crash near Te Kaha yesterday. His 15-year-old companion also received serious head and leg injuries in the incident.

The 14-year-old was flown to Tauranga and the 15-year-old was flown to Rotorua Hospital.

You’ll never know, of course, whether they died or lived.


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