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Privileged Puke pakeha

Posted by te2ataria on April 17, 2009

sent by a female reader who was a victim of pakeha male violence

Had this scumbag puke pakeha even murdered his former partner, he would have still gotten away with it.

Veitch, 35, admitted one charge of injuring his former partner, Kristin Dunne-Powell [he beat her up and broke her back,] with reckless disregard for her safety  in the Auckland District Court yesterday.

Tony Scumbag Veitch, aka Psycho! Image may be subject to copyright.

He causes serious injury to a woman, yet he is only fined $10,000, put on supervision for nine months and ordered to do 300 hours of community work. Way to go! This is our justice system for you.

In most countries, if you hurt an animal the same way scumbag Veitch hurt his former partner, you would go to prison for up to 5 years.

[Now you know why we have EVIL JUDGES. Those court whores, male and female,  are there to protect their own  ‘elite’ circle of scumbags.]

“Despite the guilty plea, National Network of Stopping Violence Services national manager Brian Gardner told NZPA there were aspects to Veitch’s behaviour since the sentencing that suggested he did not fully accept responsibility for his actions.” A report said.

“Like many men he had treated for violence problems, Veitch’s reaction appeared to be mixed,” Brian Gardner was reported as saying.

“Part of them will front up and take responsibility for the behaviour and then there’s another bit of them that sort of minimises it or puts it outside of themselves,” Mr Gardner said.

“They want to keep saying to people ‘I’m a good guy, I’m a good guy’, and actually that’s not the issue, about whether you’re a good guy or not, the question is what are you going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Veitch’s constant references to “wanting to have his day in court” also worried Brian Gardner.

“I got really concerned in this instance when I heard the lawyer talking about ‘there’ll be blood on the floor’,” he said.

“That kind of really aggressive language doesn’t suggest to me that this is someone who is saying ‘no, this is totally my responsibility, violence is never okay and I’m going to sort this out — you’re going to see it in my actions not just in my words’.”

Brian Gardner is unable to confirm if Veitch is really sorry for what he had done, as he hasn’t spoken to him. But what good is it to play with words? The law is supposed to protect the weak, not to ‘reward’ the aggressor.

“What I know from lots of men that I’ve worked with is that there’s an element of feeling remorseful for what they’ve done. There’s often quite a big element of feeling quite sorry for themselves and what they’ve lost.”

The scumbag should have been sent  to prison for a very long time, indeed, if the justice system worked.

It would be sickening, if he were to get his job back, or work as a broadcaster/ TV personality ever again.

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