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Another Chinese Student Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2009

Note: Despite the official News Blackout of murder, death, rape … of foreigners in New Zealand, the following information was allowed to broadcast because there were too many witnesses/would have been too many queries.

The 1,522nd Foreigner to be murdered, killed, or otherwise leave New Zealand in a body bag since January 2000 was a Chinese female student!

[Note: the above number does NOT include the 450+ foreigners who are permanently missing in New Zealand.]

A Chinese female student from Palmerston North was killed and at least two others were injured, NZPA reported a Youthtown Trust Rescue Helicopter pilot as saying.

The incident reportedly occurred at about 11.45 on a section of State Highway 1 called the Taihape Deviation.



Four Hours later … Five more people killed

In another crash north of Taupo, which occurred this afternoon at about 4pm, five more people were killed and three children aged 3, 9 and 11 were fighting for their lives. Bystanders pulled two children from one of the two burning cars and a third from the second car after the crash.  The identities of the 5 victims who were killed have not been revealed.


Eight hours later … At least 4 more people killed in other road crashes

Three Four more people were killed in crashes in the Rodney District, Nelson and Taihape.


Moderator has unconfirmed news of several more casualties on New Zealand death roads.

Several Hours Later … At Least 11 others killed on Auckland roads,  on Tangimoana Road south of Bulls and  on State highway 17. Additionally, a total of about 16 people have been critically or seriously injured.

At least 186 people have been killed on New Zealand Death Roads since January 1, 2009.

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[Last revised May 3, 2009]

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Get a Perfect Purr: pakeha works every time!

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2009

sent by a reader

First read background story: The ‘Eskimo’ Debate

Suggestions for pakeha, a new brand of suppository, aimed at the Asian markets and the advertising campaign to promote it!

Suffering from incurable constipation?

Insert a pakeha in your rear, and purr to freedom!


Suffering from chronic constipation?

Purr to freedom! Insert a pakeha in your rear and let him do the work!


It works every time. GUARANTEED! Get your free samples from a pharmacy near you!

The first 100 applicants also get a framed picture of Sir Ed with Helen Clark together with the taped  instructions of how to insert pakeha in their rear, recorded in the original kiwi accent by a famous NZ TV presenter.

Sir Ed and Dr Clark! Individual photos used for the frame may be subject to copyright!

[If the suppository doesn’t work, listening to the instruction taped in pakeha accent, while you sit staring at photos of Sir Ed and Dr Clark is GUARANTEED to make you go!]

pakeha is available in many different strengths [see individual labels]

  • PM / Minister range
  • High Court / District Court Judges series
  • Police Minister/ Police Commissioner [Large sizes. Not recommended for children or teens.]
  • NZ Ambassador deluxe
  • Army Officer [Try our ANZAC special!]
  • SIS Toilet Spy [for mild constipation only]
  • Police Farce [Available in 3 fragrances.]
  • UNDP formula [Helen Clark nostalgia]
  • Fake Heroes [Sir Ed is our best seller in this range. Suitable for boy-racers and bike-riders.]
  • HRC [Try our limited series Commissioner!]
  • Clergy [For people who don’t believe in miracle cures!]
  • Farmer [The frigging farmer-polluter series gives you an instant feeling of eruption! ]
  • Rugby Player Special  [French customers swear by its effectiveness!]
  • TV personalities/ TV presenters own [Includes a strong sedative.]
  • Russell Crowe Delight! [Russell Crowe Delight! This is a suppository with an attitude! ]

Hurry! Hurry! Get your free sample today before supplies run out!

[Note this blog defines the term pakeha as the foreign land thieves who illegally occupy ‘New Zealand.’ This term is not racist because pakeha is not a race.]

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The ‘Eskimo’ Debate

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2009

sent by a reader

Want to know how sick pakeha puke really are?

Inuit visitor told to “shut up and go home!”

Seeka Lee Veevee Parsons, 21, an Inuit of the Nunavut Territory in Canada, was shocked when she found ‘Eskimo’ lollies in New Zealand last week, saying they are an affront to her people.

Canadian tourist Seeka Lee Veevee Parsons, 21, an Inuit, is upset New Zealanders eat confectionery called Eskimos. She says both the name and shape of the lolly are derogatory to her people. Photo: MARK DWYER/ Taranaki Daily News. Image may be subject to copyright.

Dear Seeka Lee, pakeha are addicted to inserting odd objects in their mouths, for example, items that resemble a suppository, and you can’t stop that!

The word ‘Eskimo’ was unacceptable [even] in [racist, occupied] Canada because it carried with it ‘negative racial connotations,’ she told the Taranaki Daily News. The correct term was Inuit, Ms Parsons was reported as saying.


To understand the psyche of the puke pakeha, and how sick they really are, read the comments that follow the article linked to above.

Fortunately, most pakeha are too dumb to use a PC, access the internet and even read or write.


[As to whether the comments made about pakeha on this blog are racist, click on the below link: Moderator]

Speaking of a suppositories,

How about a suppository named ‘pakeha’ to be marketed in rice-eating countries?

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Another Taxi Driver Attacked

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2009

“Racism suspected in attack” [Seriously?]


ASSAULT VICTIM: Glen Eden taxi driver Raymond Fifita who was attacked on Henderson Valley Rd on Monday night after stopping to pick up three passengers. Photo: STEPHEN FORBES. photo may be subject to copyright.

“Racism may have motivated a vicious unprovoked assault that left Auckland taxi driver Raymond Fifita with head injuries and bruised ribs.” A report said.

Police Defective Nick Salter said money was not taken, but there were racist overtones to the bashing. [He should be a candidate for a Pull-it-zer prize.]

“The victim has stated that racial comments were made during the attack,” Mr Salter says.

“But maybe they were scared away so robbery could still be one of the motivators.

“Obviously these guys are still at large and we want to catch them.”

Mr Fifita says he pick up three passengers at the main entrance to Henderson High School at 9.30pm, who asked him to “take them to Tui Glen.”

“Two of the guys were talking to me through the passenger window and another guy came around the back of the car. I thought he was getting into the cab.”

But the scumbag  picked up a rock and hit Mr Fifita in the head through the open driver-door window.

Fifita, 44, was dragged out of his cab and was punched and kicked to the ground by the three scumbags.

“He managed to break free and ran down Henderson Valley Rd where he attempted to flag down a passing car.” The report said.

“I was just trying to find someone to help me,” Mr Fifita says. “But no one stopped.

“I think they were probably scared by my injuries.

“There was blood everywhere, on my face, on my clothes, in the car.”

The father of four said: “Maybe they wanted money but I don’t know… The important thing now is to find them.”

The attackers were Pakeha scumbags, aged 25 to 30, wearing hooded sweatshirts.


What about the scumbags who bashed the Indian taxi driver last week?

The Auckland provincial rugby player, Simon Munro, has now been cleared of assaulting the taxi driver, Mr Sandhu.

Who cleared the scumbag, another kangaroo court?

No, his lawyer [who must have special powers] cleared him before going to court.

Don’t the scumbag pakeha puke look after their “elite?”


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