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A country policed by rapists and perverts

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2009

sent by a reader in Sewage City [Wellington] NO offense to the sender

Between them, the New Zealand Rape n Racketeer Army and our Gang-Rape Police Farce ensure NO kiwi goes unmolested.

How does the establishment ensure that there are no conscientious objectors, or free-thinking, upright, mentally balanced individuals in this country?

The military, police, and trained thugs rape everyone with a potential for humanity into submission.

Explosive detection dog handler faces probe on PC porn


By STEVE HOPKINS – Sunday News

A dog handler with the Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) is on special leave after “questionable material” was found on his personal computer while he was attending the Royal New Zealand Police College.

Auckland explosive detection dog handler Andrew Wells has received a police warning and is now subject to an AVSEC internal disciplinary process which is ongoing.

Police national headquarters Superintendent Mike Wilson said Wells was removed from the Trentham, Wellington-based police college in February after police received a complaint about him showing “possible objectionable material” to other course participants.

Wilson said the incident took place at the college’s training accommodation, outside course hours and involved material contained on a personal laptop.

The material “was confined to the participant’s personal computer” and there was “no suggestion or evidence” other course participants received the material, he said.

Wells was on the course training a new dog. He attended it along with two other AVSEC handlers who have now graduated, and a number of police dog handlers.

Police would not say what material was on Wells’ computer [the brownheaded scumbags always protect their own,] but referred Sunday News to the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993.

The Act defines “objectionable” material as the use of violence to force someone to participate in a sexual act, bestiality, extreme cruelty, dehumanising conduct or the exploitation of children.

A source told Sunday News Wells had snuff films movies that show what are purported to be real murders on his computer, and that viewing pornography was common-place at the police college: “It’s a culture.”

A police culture of viewing pornography was exposed in 2005, when 330 police staff were investigated for having sexually explicit images on their work computers.

A police audit found one-fifth of the police email system was taken up with the offending images more than 5000 pictures and video clips of a sexually explicit nature.

About 30 of the images were so bad they were sent to the Office of Film and Literature Classification for a ruling.

Of those 330 police staff, about 50 held senior positions including a superintendent and three inspectors. The offending officers were required to undergo counselling which was jokingly dubbed “porn school”.

AVSEC general manager Mark Everitt said police found nothing on Well’s computer that “would lead to criminal charges being laid”.

Everitt said he had “never seen the material” but had been “reassured it is at the lower end of the scale”.

“I was even told it (the material) was a DVD movie that is freely available to purchase by the public. But I can’t confirm that,” he said.

Everitt said Wells was on leave while an “internal disciplinary” process was underway but said he may return to work before it is concluded.

The general manager was “awaiting a recommendation” from AVSEC’s human resources department.

Everitt said he didn’t believe any other AVSEC staff had been implicated in the incident.

Superintendent Jon Moss, acting general manager HR, said police were “not aware” of any culture of pornography at the police college. [This lying bastard would go far. Watch his career take off!]

Moss said since the 2005 porn scandal, police had installed a “range of technology interventions which prevent the ability to obtain or share objectionable material on police computers”.

Wells refused to speak to Sunday News and referred us back to AVSEC for comment. [Emphasis and comments in brackets were added by Moderator: TEAA]

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