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Japanese Students Say “NO!” to New Zealand Homestay

Posted by te2ataria on May 6, 2009

sent by a reader

Thousands of Japanese homestay students have so far canceled winter trips to New Zealand

Thousands of Japanese homestay students have so far canceled winter trips to New Zealand, reportedly due to the flu scare.

It very reassuring that the PM John Key is unable to do simple arithmetical, despite years of working in a bank. John [Pinocchio] Key earlier asserted that “one or two” Japanese tourists had also canceled their visit to New Zealand, after learning that the Indian government had advised people not to travel to New Zealand.

“The cancellations are disastrous for homestay businesses and the hundreds of Waikato families who rely on homestay students for top-up income.” Waikato Times said.

“New Zealand was one of the first countries to have confirmed cases of swine flu and this was widely reported, and exaggerated, in overseas media.”

The truth is, “where there’s smoke… ” well you ought to know the rest of that!

“Cambridge-based farmstay business Rural Tourism Holdings is usually gearing up for large groups of Japanese students at this time of year, but the flu scare has them cancelling trips.” [Ouch!]

“Manager Melissa Earby said four groups, or 700 people, had canceled so far.” [And that’s in Waikato, alone!]

“We sat down yesterday and worked it out and each group cancelling costs us about $40,000,” Ms Earby said.

[That figure does not include the full impact on the false ‘economy,’ does it?]

“Half of the company’s business is based on Japanese tour groups, who land in Auckland, spend a few days on farm for the experience and head off to other regional tourist attractions, such as the Waitomo Caves.” WT reported.

“They’re reading headlines over there that are saying swine flu could potentially affect 50,000 New Zealanders, but that’s simply not the case,” Ms Earby said.

She said 300-plus families around the Waikato would miss out on homestay income. “We’ve seen this happen before with Sars and the bird flu. The Japanese, especially, are a cautious nation. They will cancel at the drop of a hat if they see any risk. You can’t blame them when you see those kind of headlines. We try and send that message out there, that we are a safe place, but it’s hard to change people’s views sometimes.”

[It’s amazing Ms Earby managed to say all of that without once insulting the Japanese!]

“Mountain View Farmstay in Tamahere had also fallen victim to the downturn in tourism interest, said owner Brenda Bern.”

“I’ve had three bookings from Japan cancelled. The three groups of four people were to stay three nights each on May 14, May 21 and the beginning of June.

“I’m very disappointed. It came through the travel agent, who did all they could to reassure them that it was safe.”

[They would try, wouldn’t they, those lying ****]

Let’s hope the Koreans, Chinese … read a page from the Indian and Japanese book of “Sensible Holidaying!”

And to all Asians who are in doubt about going to New Zealand:

Don’t cancel your trip just because of the flu scare, far worse evils await you in that country!

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32 Responses to “Japanese Students Say “NO!” to New Zealand Homestay”

  1. From time to time, my (Japanese) wife and I have received reports, which I admit I cannot substantiate, of Japanese students being ripped off by their New Zealand homestay hosts. In each case, the complaint has been the same: That the student has been charged considerably more than the “going rate” for homestay accommodation, and has then been served lousy meals.

  2. If you know the URLs of the Japanese-language forums you’re getting hits from, we’ll have a look at them. It would be interesting to see what the Japanese are saying about NZ. I was shocked when the NZ authorities wouldn’t help me in 1995, after my daughter became mentally ill and prepared to flee the country. I pleaded with them to do something to prevent her from leaving and getting into even more trouble, but they refused. Then, when she became destitute in Sydney, they refused to do anything to rescue her. In the end, I called a Muslim couple in Sydney whose telephone number I happened to have. Although the wife had no idea who I was, she went out immediately, picked my daughter up, put her on a plane, and sent her back to NZ – all at their own expense! Of course, I paid them back a few weeks later. But I was amazed by their willingness to trust me, and by their total lack of hesitation or reservation. And these are the people who are viewed as a threat to our “values” and “way of life”. What “values”? I sometimes wonder. What “way of life”?

    • te2ataria said

      Not sure about any religion because they are all interlinked and have been used as moral justification for the massacres of the world’s indigenous people. Perhaps the people who helped your daughter were just kind people.

      Arabs/muslims/poor nations are viewed as terrorists because our lawmakers, leaders, the banks and the war-machine complex are owned by wealthy Zionist Jews.

  3. I think you will find that in the Islamic millet system, massacres (the “Armenian genocide”, for example) don’t occur until the system starts to break down. I have written about the breakdown of the millet system (reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millet_(Ottoman_Empire)), which occurred partly as a result of European subversion. Just as the West today seeks to undermine Muslim society by turning men and women against each other (and replicating the West’s “battle of the sexes”), so in the 19th century it sought to undermine the Ottoman empire by turning its constituent millets against each other. It did this by introducing to the respective millets the Western concept of the nation state, and convincing the representatives of the millets that “progress” lay in establishing a “nation” in a territory with defined, and defended, borders. This, in my opinion, inevitably led to violence.

    • te2ataria said

      A brief reply and a point of order:

      First, I think you’ll find that the spread of Islam during its early days was neither accidental, nor by way of “hearts and minds.”

      However, this blog is not about religion, nor does it condemn or condone any specific religion, except when religion is used by military powers as an excuse to commit crimes against humanity.

      The blogs references to “Jews” as in “Jewish supporters of Israel” is not a reference to the religious aspect of “Jewishness,” but a statement as to how certain individuals flaunt their alleged “Jewish” religion as a shield to protect the war crimes and atrocities committed by the Zionist State—Israel.

      With that being said, I would like to keep direct references to religions out of the discussions. This forum shall not be used for religious propaganda.

  4. This is not about religion; it’s about systems of governance. The Ottoman millet system is relevant to the Palestine question because the absence of a nation state in Palestine, and thus a sense of “nationhood” (as defined by the West) among Palestinians until the late 20th century, allows the Zionists to claim that there is no difference between Palestinians and Arabs in other parts of the Middle East – and that the Palestinians should therefore be happy to go and live somewhere else. (NB Golda Meir’s dictum, “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people”, which even some Arabs have repeated.) It’s as specious as the arguments based on the doctrine of terra nullius, which were used by the Europeans to justify the seizure of lands in this part of the world, but still seems to be convincing to some minds.

  5. To me, one of the most interesting things about the Balfour Declaration is the fact it was strongly opposed by the sole Jewish member of the British cabinet – Edwin Montagu, Secretary of State for India. In a long memo to the cabinet, he said: “Zionism has always seemed to me to be a mischievous political creed…” (Cabinet No 2A/24, August 13, 1917). Prophetic words, indeed! In 1925, Balfour travelled to Palestine to open the Jewish University in Jerusalem. In Palestine: The Reality (1939), J.M.N. Jeffries writes: “At the end of a small dinner in his honour, at which a few British personages were the other guests, he strolled to the window and looking out on the passers in the street below, asked, ‘Who are those men in petticoats?’ The men in petticoats, of course, were Arabs, which Balfour knew well, but he displayed his best museum-interest in the specimens after he had been informed solemnly who they were.” I don’t know much about the history of New Zealand, but would expect the British colonialists to have regarded the Maori in much the same way – as interesting “specimens”, not to be radically distinguished from the local fauna.

    • te2ataria said

      “I don’t know much about the history of New Zealand…”

      Take the current situation in Gaza Strip (or even in Afghanistan). Change a few names, places and faces; make it a few orders of magnitude less sophisticated, with more or less the same levels of brutality; add an extra pinch of genocide …

  6. Yet when Tariana Turia said on August 29, 2000, that “the holocaust suffered by many Maori tribes during the Land Wars needs to be acknowledged” there was a storm of protest, and she was forced to apologise.

    Helen Clark said, “I would not use that particular term, which has a specific and very tragic meaning”. But in that etymological assertion, she was wrong. “Holocaust” comes from two Greek words meaning “wholly burnt”, and can be used to describe any wholesale destruction. For example, the New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary quotes a reference by British politician Barbara Castle to “the bombing holocaust in Birmingham”. Was she asked to apologize for saying that? I don’t think so.

    My understanding is that the term “the Holocaust”, as used to describe the murder of about six million Jews in World War II, was introduced by Romanian-born Elie Wiesel in an article in the New York Times Book Review of October 27, 1963. But it was earlier used by American journalist Paul Jacobs in an article for New Leader on the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem in 1961. Anyway, I was not familiar with the usage as a history student in England in the 1950s.

    Incidentally, according to Bob Woodward’s book Plan of Attack, Wiesel played a role in encouraging George W Bush to invade Iraq in 2003:

    Elie Wiesel … came to see Condoleezza Rice on February 27 and the president dropped by her office. …the president took the chair closest to Wiesel. Wiesel told the president that Iraq was a terrorist state and the moral imperative was for intervention. If the West had intervened in Europe in 1938, he said, World War II and the Holocaust could have been prevented. “It’s a moral issue. In the name of morality how can we not intervene?” … In the face of such evils, neutrality was impossible, Wiesel said. Indecision only promoted and assisted the evil and the aggressor, not the victims. “I’m against silence.” In the days after, Bush routinely repeated Wiesel’s comments. “That was a meaningful moment for me,” he recalled later, “because it was a confirming moment. I said to myself, Gosh, if Elie Wiesel feels that way, who knows the pain and suffering and agony of tyranny, then others feel that way too. And so I am not alone.” (320f)

    Noam Chomsky has reportedly labelled Wiesel “a terrible fraud”.

    • te2ataria said

      I’ve had an ongoing discussion with a dear friend of mine, who works with super-intelligent people in the US, about ownership and similar issue. For example, how come Israeli investors living in New York can and do own large chunks of Maori land and assets, whereas Maori is denied ownership of own land, let alone any interest in the US or Israel.

      She recently wrote me on related issues, and I quote:

      “… the US ‘command and control’ … its political scene … banking system … corporate framework… foreign policy… nuclear club … IT and communication scene … Ivy League academia … [are] ‘manned’ [by] the cabal [most of whom are] Jewish supporters of Israel.”

      “… it’s like a high-stake poker game… [unless] the system [is] complete[ly] changed, it would easily collapse, especially in the absence of a perceived global enemy…”

  7. Do you have a Twitter account? I have tweeted your URL to my 1000+ followers at Twitter, some of whom have re-tweeted it. You should be picking up a few extra visitors. You may be interested in “uriohau”, who tweets diligently on Maori/indigenous matters at http://twitter.com/uriohau and has a blog at http://uriohau.blogspot.com.

    • te2ataria said

      Thanks for links. I’m still undecided about twitter! The new wave of ‘technology’ is just making a handful of people richer with no positive dividend for ordinary people.

  8. I’m not an expert on globalization; but from what I’ve read, it almost always acts to the detriment of those at “the bottom of the heap”. Despite claims to the contrary, it seems to be a mechanism for the movement of wealth upwards to the top 5% of (usually “white”) society. That’s why I have never been able to understand Mike Moore’s apparent enthusiasm for it. Moore says he’s a socialist, yet served as director-general of the World Trade Organisation, one of the pillars of the current exploitative economic system, from 1999 to 2002. My personal feeling is that huge sections of humanity have already been written off as expendable. They will be denied justice, for which “charity” will be presented as a satisfactory substitute. Hence the book by Bill Clinton, one of the architects of our grossly unequal state of affairs, entitled Giving: How Each Of Us Can Change The World. I see the “cabal” identified by your friend as the modern equivalent of the “robber baron” of pre-Magna Carta days, who bled the populace white but was not averse to tossing a coin to the beggar at the castle gate. Your correspondent “Ricky” says New Zealand should have been left to the Spanish conquistadors. But in a sense, the conquistadors are here. It’s just that, today, they are wielding financial instruments, rather than swords and muskets, and aren’t usually carrying Spanish passports.

    • te2ataria said

      “I see the ‘cabal’ identified by your friend as the modern equivalent of the ‘robber baron’ of pre-Magna Carta days…”

      Interesting analogy. And it transpires that ‘robber baron’ equivalents on the cabal power pyramid occupy a mere 4th or 5th level on a 0 to 10 scale, with “0” being the “Kabbalah,” or secrets of the creation of the universe and forces of nature, and “10” the ordinary, dispossessed people, most of the 95% you’ve alluded to.

      I’m told (I have no way of verifying its veracity) that on the higher levels of the scale, right above the “pre-Magna Carta robber baron” equivalents sit the bankers (your first guess as to which bankers might well be the correct one), above them the “pathfinders” and then the “deciders” in the ascending order [you may remember the famous line by bush: “I’m the decider.” He was!] But above all of those groups are the two or three levels of “Merkavah mystics.” They are not really mystics in the traditional sense, but an ultra exclusive “club,” a sophisticated version of the “Irgun,” if you like. Finally, the highest level is occupied by the “elders” aka “wizards,” or “prophets.”

  9. It seems there is a little justice in the world. Last night, after posting my last comment, I researched Elie Wiesel – the High Priest of the Holocaust, who has been described by Noam Chomsky as a “terrible fraud”. Apparently, Wiesel and his “Foundation for Humanity” invested nearly all their money with that other Jewish scammer, Bernard Madoff – and lost the lot! Oh well, Wiesel will just have to go back to the lucrative American lecture circuit. I’m sure it will cough up another million or so for him.

    • te2ataria said

      I have no problem with the term “holocaust” when it’s used to describe the plight of the oppressed, marginalized minority that often ends in their extermination by the occupying power, as in the case of my people.

      However, I don’t really know much about Wiesel. To be honest with you I knew precious little (nothing) about Zionism and Jews, until I was probably 29 or 30. Ah, time flies …

      I started reading about Zionism and its Jewish operators after an Aussie friend of mine intrigued me by explaining the term “Jewish Lightning.”

      As for the Madoff affairs, I too had wondered about the fact that he had had a few high profile Zionist clients. How did that happen, I found myself asking.

      A few emails later, another knowledgeable friend pointed out that Madoff had in fact been a front man for a massive money-siphoning scam. Did it mean that his Zionist investors were in on the scam, too, I had asked.

      In answer to which he wrote “how else could so much money disappear into thin air [sic]” and sent me the following link a few months ago:

      “Hadassah Reveals $130 Million Windfall From Madoff”

      Speaking of “Zionist Lightning,” what’s your take on the 9/11 events?

  10. Some advice about Twitter: After setting up your Twitter account(s), don’t tweet from there. Tweet from hootsuite.com. At hootsuite, you will find that there is a “Featured” tab that enables you to follow only those Tweeps that interest you. In my case, these are people who monitor the news and tweet the headlines and URLs of interesting articles. (We tweet hard info, not mindless gossip.) My name at Twitter is tweeterpolice. Others I follow are: uriohau, who tweets from Occupied Aboriginal Australia; MichaelLee2009, Oxford, UK; activistgirl, Australia; and Milfuegos, Chicago. Of course, you will pick up hundreds, even thousands, of followers; but by using hootsuite, you can easily ignore them. What hootsuite does, in other words, is enable you to sift the wheat from the chaff.

  11. Interested Reader said

    Google Larry Silverstein 911 insurance scam to read one of the theories of 911. Of course that is just one theory, and without embracing any of them, I am nonetheless not the only one to smell a rat. Google NORAD as well.
    Consider the associations of the sorts of individuals who amazingly occupy sensitive computer security positions in the U.S., both government and defense industry contractors.
    There may not be one giant conspiracy. In fact, I usually argue against that. But there are interest groups surely, with similar or related purposes, co-operating in this or that endeavour, producing in the end an “as if” effect.
    Also, for NZ, google Clare Swinney and TVNZ. I stumbled upon some interesting treatment of that poor lady the other day while reading.
    In fact, ideas migrate to the center of society from the fringe. It is a known sociological process. Consider Galileo’s “heresy”. Consider the unpopular status of Jesus of Nazareth before the cult of Christianity managed to establish itself widely.

    I follow your blog with great interest on a regular basis. With regard to tweeting or facebook, some tend to distrust social networking on the basis of loss of privacy.

  12. I’m sure some of Madoff’s clients did benefit from his scam. Typically, some investors in a scam do very well in the early years, and are used to produce glowing testimonials that draw in others. By the way, I have collected some of the evidence that Wiesel is a fraud at http://tweeterpenitentiary.ning.com . The site can also be reached via http://spin.2truth.com .

    The turning point in my life was 1967, when Israel attacked Egypt. First the Israelis destroyed the Egyptian Air Force on the ground, and then they napalmed the Egyptian army in the Sinai. And the reaction, in Western countries, was ecstatic. The Zionists danced jigs of joy in the streets of New York. “We” were still top dogs. “They” had been put in their place. The racism and sheer cruelty were appalling.

    • te2ataria said

      Speaking of streets of New York, I’d like to know what your view are in the possible involment of Israelis in the “controlled demolition” of the WTC building on 9/11.

  13. It seems almost inconceivable, to me, that three buildings, including one that was not hit by a plane, would collapse like that – in exactly the same way. Yes, I know that the National Institute of Standards and Technology has rejected the “controlled demolition” theory. But after so many lies and distortions from US authorities during the past decade, can we unreservedly believe any statement by such official bodies? I know I can’t. I prefer to keep an open mind. I also think one has to ask: “Who benefited from 9/11?” The answer to that question is clear: Only Israel benefited – by having Iraq removed as the last country in the Arab world with both the potential and the inclination to challenge the Zionist state. I have read, I forget where, that the first objective of Israeli foreign policy was to knock out Egypt, by either destroying it or co-opting it. (Israel eventually did the latter, through the peace treaty of 1979.) No doubt its final objective in the Arab world was, by one means or another, to knock out Iraq. And now that Iraq has gone, only Iran remains as a serious competitor in the region. Hence the agitation for war against that country.

  14. See “It’s Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran Time” at

  15. luckykiwi said

    “Read that traces of the same/similar explosives that are used in controlled demolitions were also found in the so called Ground Zero.”

    [Edited. We are losing direction here, but I will read your comment.]

  16. Interested Reader said

    Woo-hoo, Israeli art students in the white van.

    Wiesel and a few other professionals on the lecture circuit are frauds. No business like Shoah business. There’s only one historical event for which debate has been criminalised.

    One has to ask “why”. 😉

  17. […] Japanese Students Say “NO!” to New Zealand Homestay […]

  18. Vickie M. said

    More people should read this and understand what’s happening in this cesspit we call a nation.

  19. BF said

    This country is indeed a cesspit

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