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Resign, Bitch, Resign!

Posted by te2ataria on May 7, 2009

sent by an angry reader

Once again the nincompoop New Zealand police turn a routine inquiry into a national farce—TEAA

A member of the public and three plods were shot in Napier this morning, at least one was killed, trying to seize a “silly marijuana plant.”

“Senior Constable Len Snee of Taradale Police was believed to have been killed. Constable Bruce Miller and Constable Grant Diver were both in a serious condition in Hawke’s Bay regional hospital. A member of the public was also shot and was in hospital being operated on.” The Dominion Post reported.

Licensed-to-Kill cowboys with large guns [aka Armed Offenders Squad members] move in. God help the bystanders, now!
Photo: Eva Bradley. Image may be subject to copyright.

The “Fat  B*stard” [the fat, freeloading, incompetent Police Commissioner, Howard Broad] contacted Puffy [the overweight, overbearing, Police Minister, Judith Collins,] his domineering mistress,  to tell her police officers had been shot.

Collins was reportedly in Queenstown playing with police blue lights. “I am extremely shocked and concerned. I’ll be cancelling all my appointments tomorrow and moving straight to Napier to be with our police and their families,” the incompetent minister reportedly said.

What’s this? The “Rescue Helicopter” used to ferry in the paramilitary police. The arrogant b*stards wouldn’t be seen dead in other forms of transport! Photo: Eva Bradley. Image may be subject to copyright.

“I’m not going today…because police are dealing with an extraordinarily difficult situation right now and I want to make sure that they are focused on that, not worrying about their minister getting in the way.”

Collins reportedly said  she believed the public had high respect for the police because they were among the best in the world.

Wrong on all counts! The poorly trained cowboys are among the worst police farce in the world.

“I think there is, however, an element in New Zealand , in our society, that respects no one,” she said.

PUFFY the Police Minister [dying for a good sha*]
– Photo: NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Bitch, you are right on that one.  Respect is a two-way street. Your cowboys have/are causing too much harm to a lot of us. They show zero respect to anyone outside their own circle. They treat Maori and ordinary pakeha like dirt.

“Unfortunately, the police have to deal with those people all the time.”

What’s this we business? Shut the f*ck up and resign now! Better still, take the Fat Bastard wit you and DISAPPEAR! Get Lost! GET!


Police Commissioner Howard [Fat B*stard] Broad told media today that police had been attempting to recover Mr Snee [Dead policeman] from the scene without success.

“I understand a number of my officers have attempted to do so under direct fire from the house,” he said.

“The fact we have got an officer we cannot get out from the situation, we cannot confirm finally that the man is dead is deeply distressing.

“He is in a position where we can say with reasonable certainty that he must be dead, but no one has been able to get there close to him and check that.”

That speaks volume about the chicken sh*t b*stards, they don’t recover the body of their mate because they are too afraid! [We’ll never know if he could have been saved, had the p*ssies acted bravely!]

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