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Another Chinese Man Murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on May 12, 2009

NZ’s “Kill-a-Chink” Season Starts Again

Paul Louie Chong, 51, was stabbed to death in the suburb of Glenfield on Auckland’s North Shore yesterday.

His body was discovered outside an industrial and commercial workshop in View Rd yesterday, the media reported police as saying.

A post mortem examination of the victim’s body confirmed that Mr Chong died of  a stab wound. (Source)

First the media / police said the perpetrators where pakeha [European land thieve,] then they were instructed by higher authorities to change their story, blaming the murder on Maori or Polynesians. This is another of those common practices by New Zealand’s racist police.

Here’s the photo of one of the two pakeha suspects:


Police have issued an arrest warrant for William Dillon (pictured). Source

Blog Moderator received an anonymous message earlier that suggested
the murder victim Paul Louie Chong was a Korean national who lived in Singapore before moving to New Zealand.

This post was updated may 14, 2009. TEAA

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3 Responses to “Another Chinese Man Murdered in New Zealand”

  1. 1234lala said

    [moderated] I have been following what’s happened to him from the begining it hit the news as I just find it unbelievable that this has happened to him. . . he was such an inoffensive person I find it hard to understand how something like this came about. . . . there been roomers weather true I do not know, so I have been following to see if I can find out the truth. . . his family is having a service on thursday in Hastings for him,hopefully they will have some answers. . . My thoughts are with the family for this sad loss,. . .[moderated], so the poor family will really be at a loss. . . so sad. . . R.I.P Paul Chong will be sadly missed x

  2. 1234lala said

    I’ve just returned from Paul Chongs funeral, [edited] the people who did this to Paul are in custordy. . . they have both been remarded awaiting trial early June [edited]

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