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New Zealand Police Violence Also Self-Consuming

Posted by te2ataria on May 16, 2009

Sewage city’s top cop Pieri Munro investigated after assaulting his teenage son

Murder, gangrape, serious assault, corruption … could we be talking about the New Zealand Police Farce?

Wellington’s top cop “district commander Superintendent” Pieri Munro is on paid leave while his pals “investigate” him for assaulting his teenage son.

“A Police National Headquarters spokeswoman confirmed a ‘senior ranking member of police’, who she would not identify, was being investigated by senior detectives brought in from Auckland.” Dominion Post said.

“[We are] unable to identify the name of the officer as that would lead to the identification of the complainant,” she said.

“We are for the same reason unable to comment on the nature and circumstances of the allegation. The officer has not been stood down.”

“Mr Munro is one of two senior Wellington-based police officers currently under investigation a second officer is facing questions after he allegedly berated a motorist over his driving, even though the officer was in the wrong.” DP said. Full story…

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