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US Scientist Forced to Backtrack on Swine Flu Origin

Posted by te2ataria on June 2, 2009

sent by a reader in the U.S.

US scientist forced to say “he was misquoted” on the swine flu virus originating in “either New Zealand or China.”

Professor Gus Kousoulas, the director of Louisiana State University’s division of biotechnology and molecular medicine, had been quoted as saying: “We think it [swine flu] began in New Zealand or China,” adding that his conclusion “was based on early phylogenetic analysis of available sequences.”

Kousoulas, subsequently threatened with dismissal by the Board of Regents of LSU, has now backtracked on his earlier findings, saying:  “There is no basis currently to support a New Zealand origin. While we still do not know the true origin, a US or Mexico origin is more likely.”

Professor, is it worth the 30 pieces?

According to one report, quoting The World Health Organization, more than 50 countries have reported about 15,000 cases of influenza A (H1N1), commonly referred to as the ‘swine flu,’ with most of the cases occurring in Mexico and the US.

Of the 99 people who have reportedly died as a result of swine flu infection, 97 were of Hispanic origin. The remaining two had other health complications, possibly worsened by the flu infection.

Despite the backtracking by Kousoulas, a number of informed sources strongly believe the A (H1N1) “Mexican viral variation” was developed at New Zealand’s ESR (a Crown Research Institute wholly owned by the New Zealand Government) and shipped to Mexico for “commercial exploitation.”  The virus was designed to be most effective on a specific genetic sequencing.

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7 Responses to “US Scientist Forced to Backtrack on Swine Flu Origin”

  1. […] by feww on June 2, 2009 The following was posted by blogger TEAA at Apartheid New Zealand earlier today and has been mirrored here for our readers as matter of public […]

  2. Daxa Vaishnav said

    History has shown that homeopathy shows great promise when manking is under threat from epidemics. More about that on my blog http://homeopathicure.wordpress.com/2009/06/02/swine-flu-home…y-in-epidemics/

  3. […] US Scientist Forced to Backtrack on Swine Flu Origin Posted by TEAA on June 2, 2009 […]

  4. […] US Scientist Forced to Backtrack on Swine Flu Origin Posted by TEAA on June 2, 2009 […]

  5. […] US Scientist Forced to Backtrack on Swine Flu Origin Posted by TEAA on June 2, 2009 […]

  6. […] been forced to say that he had been “misquoted”  saying the swine flu virus originated in “either New Zealand or China.” Professor Gus Kousoulas, the director of Louisiana State University’s division of biotechnology […]

  7. JLT said

    It is also shown that the versions of the flu that struck the Americas was identical to the one killing Intuits many years ago, and that the fatalities upon the people who had some genetic component of Native American, be it anywhere from Canada to South America was far higher then anyone else.

    This was especially interesting since many natives of North America live in very isolated areas often only available by foot travel or small vessels, yet the flu speread here as quickly and easily as it did in Europe, albeit with a highly elevated killing rate.


    These weapons are certain possible and the British government was known to be discussing them – http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4156/is_19990509/ai_n13937769/

    Then there are the mysterious deaths of various scientists and their leaders in one of these programs to ‘study’ DNA specific bioweapons – http://dr-david-kelly.blogspot.com/2007/01/gordon-thomas-is-successful-author.html

    A casual usage of the search engine of choice will give you a wide range of sources to see these things. For example the British government was forced to hold a widely published public inquest into the supposed suicide of Kelly, and produced findings widely greeted with hoots of derision.

    Other similarly curious ‘suicides’ have occurred in the United States as in the instance of Dr. Que who was a compatriot of Kelly’s.

    It is also alleged the Canadian government deliberately withheld medical care from the native people afflicted with this virus which had an enhanced lethality rate among only them and this caused public scandal in the Dominion – http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5iZNdYLfW2PGRXZrn1lKVXe6ELpHg

    So if I were a Maori, (or a native person in British territory) I would be very watchful of these things, for the British who basically have New Zealand as a colony are know to use bio weapons historically as they did with smallpox in North America to kill off the native peoples, and are know to be ‘studying’ (developing) such weapons now.

    And also as they demonstrated in Canada, they are capable of allowing the disease to run rampant for some time before they are if it appears in communities they woudl like to see ‘absorbed.’

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