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Big Brother and Incest in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 15, 2009

sent by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

Big Brother – News censorship – Zionist Psychoanalysts – Newspeak – Oldspeak – Doublethink

Every item of news that [is NOT censored and] comes out of Neo Zioland mainstream advertising media must first be spun, kneaded, battered, massaged, cooked, kosher approved, psychoanalyzed, ‘politiclimated’ [adjusted to the political climate,] …

Consider the following, for example, which was released by the Zionist-owned and operated ‘new agency,’ NZPA. [It was mirrored by all New Zealand ‘news’ outlets including the white supremacist, male chauvinist NZHerald.]

First the headline:

“Man cleared of sex with daughter”

Which clearly indicates that the first subject of this ‘news’ item, a man [a father,] was cleared of having sex [incest] with the second subject, his daughter.

A Blenheim man was today cleared of having sex with his adult daughter.”

Again, the reader is reassured that NO sex occurred between the two subjects, a father and his daughter.

“The man was today found not guilty in Blenheim District Court of five charges of sexually assaulting his daughter, the Marlborough Express reported.”

How is the reader reassured? By quoting the source, “the Marlborough Express,” which reported the Blenheim District Court verdict.

Just a minute! Something must have happened because charges were brought, and there was a court hearing.

“The charges followed an incident in August last year when the daughter, then aged 31, went to her parents’ home after her mother was admitted to hospital with a possibly terminal illness.”

“The daughter drank alcohol with family members, then in the early hours of the morning her father invited her and her young son to sleep in a bed with him.”

“Defence lawyer Rob Harrison said the daughter’s inebriation and the accused’s trauma and lack of sleep from looking after his wife, resulted in the usual barriers breaking down between father and daughter.”

Something did happen! They had sex together! How come then, the news headline said “Man cleared of sex with daughter?”

“It was inappropriate and it was wrong but it was not rape.”

I see! There was sex between father and daughter, which is legally and colloquially referred to as incest, but it wasn’t “rape,” per se. But the headline wasn’t about rape; it reassured us that the subject was cleared of having sex with his daughter. The headline was LOUD and CLEAR that father was “cleared of sex with daughter.”

“He said the daughter did not ‘come to bed intending to have sex with her father'”.

Just a moment, now you’ve got everyone confused, Mr lawyer. Was the rape charges brought by the father or daughter?

“No one is saying she did…they weren’t thinking of where they were, or who they were…it just happened.”

So it wasn’t rape, not a “premeditated rape,” the lawyer tells us. But surely when the man had sex with his daughter, he did commit the crime of incest. Is incest a crime under the Neo Zioland law, Mr Evil Judge?

[ ………………….  this space is reserved for the evil judge’s reply. TEAA]

“The woman complained to Women’s Refuge the next morning.”

“The man has permanent name suppression.”

Source:    http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10578134

[Note: The presiding evil judge at Blenheim District Court who ruled on the “father-daughter sex was no incest case” also seems to have a name suppression because NZPA knew that their “prized” judge’s name would be revealed in this blog’s EVIL Judges page. TEAA.]

Could it be that this depth of moral depravity, sexual confusion, and misreporting are some of the reasons why New Zealand has the 2ndhighest rate of teenage pregnancy [and abortion] in the world?Coming soon!

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