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New Low for Racism in Apartheid New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 19, 2009

Chinese nursing student offered hush money to keep discrimination  secret

Linda Tang, 42, a Chinese nursing student says Auckland’s Unitec offered her hush money after she complained of discrimination.

Unitec said it had offered her $4616, subject to confidentiality clause, but it was not hush money.

Ms Tang, 42, dropped out in her final year after tutors said they would not allow her to pass her Bachelor of Nursing course because her accent would prevent people from understanding her and therefore she would be unable to provide care to patients.

When she complained, faculty of social health sciences executive dean Wendy Horne offered her $4,616 – a year’s study fee – on the condition that the case would “remain confidential between us and our respective legal advisers”, New Zealand Herald reported.

complained in May that Unitec Institute of Technology tutors were making it impossible for her.

Ms Tang told TVNZ’s Close Up in May: “I feel that what they have done is discriminatory, especially to the Chinese, because we are penalised not for our lack of knowledge or ability, but simply because of how we talk.”

Ms Tang was reported as saying she would not accept the “hush money”. Instead she would be taking the case to the Human Rights Review Tribunal and seeking an apology from her tutor.

[Good luck to you Ms. Tang! But don’t be disappointed if you are ignored. They are no different to the other scumbags who won’t let you finish your course. Contact Richard Worth, ex minister, he might be able to put a word in for you, that’s if you can bring yourself down to…]

“This is basically trying to buy my silence with money.”

“In the letter Ms Horne said Unitec did not accept liability, ‘(but) if it will promptly resolve the issues, we are prepared to fully and finally settle this dispute.”

It remains baffling why the scumbags enrolled Ms. Tang despite her “awful” accent. Or was it because they couldn’t stomach an outspoken yellow woman?

Unitec chief scumbag Rick Ede said the refund offer was based on the faculty appeals committee recommendation and was not hush money. [Yeah, right!]

“The committee found no evidence of ethnic discrimination but said communication lines with Ms Tang could have been handled better.” [Enough said!]

“As a result of the distress caused to Ms Tang associated with the handling of her complaint in the early stages, Unitec has accepted the appeals committee’s recommendation to refund Ms Tang’s tuition fee,” Dr Ede said.

“He said Unitec had also arranged for Ms Tang to complete her nursing course at the Manukau Institute of Technology.”

[What happened to the patients’ right to proper care, you scumbag hypocrites? Can Manukau Institute of Technology fix Ms. Tang’s accent?]

Where South Africa failed in its apartheid, New Zealand thrives with impunity – for now any way!

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